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Eckerö Line's operations are steered by the customer experience

Eckerö Line has worked systematically and patiently to improve its customer experience. Digia brought a service design oriented perspective to this work, which has helped make Eckerö Line’s online service more user-oriented, among other things.

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A well-planned customer experience is a matter of the heart for us. In order to succeed in this, we need a partner able to help us design services and produce customer-oriented digital processes that improve the overall trip experience.

Taru Keronen, CEO, Eckerö Line


Eckerö Line’s operations are steered by the customer experience

For Eckerö Line, 2016 was a year of success. This success was based on extensive investments in the customer experience, which is being developed genuinely from the perspective of the passenger – from effortless online bookings to the services related to the actual trip.

For Eckerö Line, the operator of m/s Finlandia sailing between Helsinki and Tallinn, 2016 was the best year in the company’s history in terms of passenger numbers, as 1.5 million people crossed the Gulf of Finland in the company’s blue-and-white ship. In addition to this, Eckerö Line was the best passenger ship operator in the Asiakkuusindeksi 2016 customer index survey, and one of the biggest climbers in all sectors. The indicators measured in the survey were the usefulness, ease of use and pleasantness of the service.

”Our success has been the result of perseverance and systematic work. It has been our long-term strategy to ensure the most effortless, comfortable and pleasant experience from booking to the end of the trip”, says Eckerö Line’s Customer Experience Manager, Kaisa Mikola.

Digia is a long-term partner of Eckerö Line.

”We are delighted to have been able to help them achieve the best customer experience in their field”, says Thomas Tallskog of Digia Commerce, who has been responsible for the account for 15 years.

Despite its success, Eckerö Line has not stopped to rest on its laurels but wants to keep offering the best customer experience in its line of business. The company is currently making its online service more user-oriented with Digia’s online shop concept.

”Eckerö Line trusts us due to our in-depth understanding of their business, processes and sector, along with our solid competence in service design”, Tallskog continues.

The customer is king

Before a single line of code was written for the project, we obtained customer insights through a market survey, benchmark analysis and customer questionnaires. Digia brought a service design oriented perspective to the project, where we first defined the profiles and needs of the customers using the online shop and service.

”On the basis of extensive background information, we set out to build the best booking process possible; a process that would serve customers conveniently and smoothly, no matter the purpose of the trip”, Mikola says.

”We gained some fantastic insights and ideas on customer needs along the way. Based on them, we changed the online service’s design iteratively at various stages of the process”, Marko Knuutila, Service and Business Designer at Digia, adds.

Eckerö Line wants to keep offering the best customer experience in its line of business.

Looking to the future

Functionality in the world of mobile devices and the budding breakthrough of mobile payments formed the baseline for the design of Eckerö Line’s online services. The company wanted to be ahead of the game.

”The roles of mobile bookings and payment will grow in the future, and we want to be pioneers in their use. Our concrete goal is increasing the sales conversion in the mobile channel”, says Eckerö Line’s eCommerce Manager Petri Hannikainen.

Service Designer Knuutila can state with pride that Eckerö’s online booking service, to be launched this autumn, has been proven to meet customer needs exactly as the customers expect.

”For companies like Eckerö Line, the online booking service is a critical part of business. Together, we have laid a foundation that will enable business growth long into the future”, Knuutila says.

At Eckerö Line, this vision is encapsulated as: ”We want to keep having the best customer experience in the industry. We do things that are best for our customers. This brings success”, Mikola and Hannikainen conclude.