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Case HY+

An agile and evolving solution for the company’s many needs – NetSuite is the basis of HY+’s operations

HY+, which provides continuing education, relies on the NetSuite solution to support finance, project management and sales. When all your most important functions are concentrated in NetSuite, data travels effortlessly and development investments are easier to direct where they are needed most.


Finland is known as a world-leader in education where excellent teaching covers the entire education path from comprehensive school to adult education. One of the operators and forerunners in this sector is HY+, a company specialised in further education, continuous learning and various development services and is owned by the University of Helsinki’s funds. HY+ combines the comprehensive, high-quality research and expertise of the University of Helsinki and working life orientation into training and educational opportunities that serve the needs of rapidly changing working life and continuous learning.

HY+ has operated in its current form since 2016, but the roots of its further education activities at the University of Helsinki reach back forty years. At the same time, the company has also expanded its activities outside Finland. International business activities account for approximately 20–25 per cent of the annual activities of HY+.

“We offer our services both domestically and internationally. At the moment, we are active in Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America. Finland’s reputation in this market is excellent”, says HY+ Business Director Mikko Kivekäs.

What we did

What we used

  • Oracle NetSuite
Whenever we’ve needed help, we’ve gotten it without any delay. The service from Digia’s experts has been knowledgeable, quick and skilful.

Mikko Kivekäs, Business Director, HY+

NetSuite connects comprehensively to the processes of HY+

When HY+ started operations in its current form in summer 2016, the company needed an IT system to serve their different functions. Their choice was the cloud-based and scalable NetSuite, provided by Digia, that was originally adopted to serve the needs of financial management. Since then, the system has expanded to cover other functions as well.

“NetSuite connects thoroughly to our different processes. In addition to financial management, NetSuite is also used as a CRM system, among other things. On top of that, NetSuite is the basis of our website and webstore, retrieving data to the network,” Kivekäs explains.

One of the product’s purposes is the management of courses and participants through NetSuite’s project module. All reporting is also conducted through NetSuite.

“In practice, NetSuite is the most important data source in our operations,” Kivekäs says.

Continuous development in cooperation with Digia

NetSuite is used by all of the roughly thirty permanent employees of HY+. It is also an important tool for Kivekäs, who is largely responsible for the development of the company’s business activities and its profits. This means the solution must also be constantly developing.

NetSuite is being developed in close cooperation with Digia. Digia has been HY+’s partner since the solution’s adoption. According to Kivekäs, the collaboration between the two companies has gone swimmingly.

“Whenever we’ve needed help, we’ve gotten it without any delay. The service from Digia’s experts has been knowledgeable, quick and skilful,” Kivekäs says.

Currently, the company’s development efforts are directed at supporting the needs of sales. One of the latest development steps is Digia OppoManager, which is designed for the management of offers and was adopted by the company in autumn 2020.

“We always have a number of offers going, and we manage our sales activities on the basis of them. Updating the status of offers and keeping them up to date is very important from the perspective of managing our activities,” Kivekäs explains.

“We used to spend lots of time just checking whether the offers were up to date. OppoManager offers a visual tool for managing offers. With it, it’s easy and quick for an individual salesperson to see what’s going on with their offers and to update their status. And, when updating data and keeping it up to date gets better on an individual level, it gives us better data and predictability on an organisational level,” he continues.

Another future development step is to integrate the product development processes of HY+ more closely into NetSuite.

“Our webstore retrieves information about the education and training services that are available from NetSuite. One area of development is how we can integrate the actual development of services into the system so that NetSuite is the primary tool for this task, as well,” Kivekäs says.

According to Kivekäs, improving the efficiency of activities, making working stages easier and automating them are broader development themes.

“The more we can streamline processes and automate working stages that are, from the perspective of an employee, mostly just lost time, the more benefit we get from NetSuite on an organisational level and the more our personnel can focus on the most important tasks,” he concludes.