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Customer relationship management

Move towards intelligent customer service and proactive sales management with the help of data and artificial intelligence.

Smart use of data is key to success in the future

Today, customers expect personal service across all channels. One customer prefers phone service during the day; another is comfortable handling things with a chatbot late in the evening. All businesses need to make different service channels available to their customers and ensure that the service is fast and smooth.

Excelling in customer service strengthens customer relationships and creates business growth. But if the customer service and sales data is not in order – that is, if it’s incomplete or scattered around the organisation – it’s not going to be helpful.

Personal, high-quality customer service and effective sales are possible only if you have a comprehensive picture of your customers, backed up by relevant data. This requires all customer-related information to be collected in one place and open for everyone to utilise.


A shared platform for sales, customer service and case management

Organisations that can utilise data in their own operations will be the winners in the future. Intelligent data platforms enhance the management and utilisation of customer data.

By bringing, for example, order and contract management to the same business platform as customer relationship management, you get all your customer-related information centralised in one place.

Digia has plenty of experience in solving sales-management challenges with the help of data. Our technological understanding and the expertise of our data analysts help us design unique tools that help you in data-driven sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

The cloud-based CRM platform includes ready-made solutions for the needs of sales management, customer service, field operations and marketing. The solution can be customised and expanded according to your needs.

At Digia, we have over 20 years of experience in delivering Microsoft CRM solutions and a team of nearly 100 Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform experts ready to help you.

Microsoft Power Platform

The cloud-based development platform offers tools for business application development and reporting, and for the automation of manual processes. This is a cost-effective solution in a situation in which actual application development is not ideal.

The Power Platform seamlessly integrates with all Office 365 and Dynamics 365 solutions, as well as with hundreds of other data sources.

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