Case Trafi

Planning and piloting the operating model and architecture of the BI service

Trafi, the transport safety agency, wanted to improve its use of data. Trafi embarked on a project with Digia to plan an operating model for a BI service and pilot the planned technical architecture so that it meets the development needs regarding the modern utilisation of data.

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency actively develops the safety of the transport system, promotes environmentally friendly transport and takes responsibility for regulatory and monitoring tasks related to the transport system for all modes of transport. In the transport sector, Trafi’s operations cover the drivers, operators and vehicles in all modes of transport.

Trafi aimed to plan an operating model for its BI service and pilot the planned technical architecture so that it meets development needs regarding the modern utilisation of data. It also aimed to deploy an architecture and BI platform that supported these capabilities. Descriptions of data generation, utilisation and management aimed to ensure the rapid deployment of the pilot and strong planning work aimed to lay the foundation for rapid and efficient deployment.

The architectural design led to the creation of a BI reporting service that responded well to business requirements, a deployment plan for technical deployment and a development method with clear descriptions and instructions.

Project flow

Digia provided the structure and model for planning and describing Trafi’s BI service and the related operating model. The BI service plan identified where, what and why the data was fetched, the customers of the data and the services and service models provided to them, rough descriptions of processes and the BI service organisation and the expertise required to manage data, as well as connections with the service provision model.

In addition, a roadmap was prepared, including the parts of the operating model due for deployment in the first phase, along with more detailed descriptions of these, as well as longer-term development frameworks.

The architectural planning and piloting covered a description of the architecture and BI development tools, along with the associated deployment plans, instructions on best practices and the correct reporting tools for different applications.

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