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A-lehdet accelerates digital development with Digia as its partner

A-lehdet renews its online service platform with Digia. The platform reform is in preparation for future development projects and supports more agile service development. A-lehdet has cooperated with Nord Software, purchased by Digia, since the spring of 2016 and now the cooperation will become even closer.

The new online service platform will combine A-lehdet’s online services, that have until now been maintained in part through various platforms and publishing systems. The new unified platform makes maintenance and further development significantly easier. Open source React technology enables more agile service development and is better at supporting mobile first design of services in accordance with A-lehdet’s strategy.

From the public’s perspective, the reform of the online service platform means that in the future A-lehdet can develop their websites and offer new services even faster and more agile than before. From the end-user point of view, the modern architecture improves, for example, performance – websites load and function faster.

From the wide-ranging portfolio of A-lehdet, the first entity to be taken to the new platform is, which focuses on the topics of housing, interior decoration and gardening.

Content from more diverse sources with API technology

A key part of the platform reform is the API layer to be implemented between the background system and services visible to users. API implementation allows content streams to be brought from a variety of sources independent of technology. The interfaces of the new platform have been implemented open-mindedly with a modern twist, using the GraphQL interface.

“It is already standard that, for example, blogs and discussion are among the key content of our channels, along with our editorial material. We believe that this progress will accelerate and content will become even more diverse. Technology must enable the utilisation of new sources and content and through them future development and growth,” statesAntti Salonen, Director of A-lehdet’s InnovationLab.

“The revolution of the media field challenges companies to continuously search for new ways to speak to their audience and develop their business. Digital services and channels are in a key role in media companies of the future. It is really inspiring to be involved in making future success concepts as A-lehdet’s partner,” says Janne Muurinen, Chief Operating Officer at Digia.

Further information:

Antti Salonen
Director, InnovationLab
A-lehdet Oy
Tel. +358 (0)40 412 6710

Janne Muurinen
Chief Operating Officer, Customized Services
Digia Plc
Tel. +358 (0)400 367 344

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