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Digia signs a EUR 3 million contract with a leading financial sector organisation

The contract period is three years. The goal of the partnership is to accelerate digital development and to develop an operational model that more effectively meets the customer’s business needs.

Digia has entered into a partnership worth approximately EUR 3 million with a leading Finnish financial and insurance sector organisation.

Digia will be providing the customer with a development team under the new Team as a Service model. The model combines the benefits of project-based collaboration and a cooperation model in which the customer leases Digia personnel for their own use. The customer will have access to a dedicated team that will be supported where necessary by the extensive expertise of other Digia personnel.

The team will be involved in the development of both end user services and the customer’s internal systems.

“Customers need to be able to get things done as easily, quickly and painlessly as possible, which means the most important aspects of a service are ease of use and security. For example, people don’t choose insurance services based on entertainment value; they choose them based on trustworthiness and functionality”, Digia’s Head of Sales Ville Mäkinen explains.

He points out that the financial sector handles processes that are, from the end customer’s perspective, both complex and crucial, which means that the functionality, ease of use and informativity of services are extremely important. Industry regulations also add their own challenges to service development.

“In our collaboration, we aim to develop front-facing digital services that meet modern customer experience expectations”, Mäkinen says.

Digia’s extensive experience in the financial and insurance sectors makes it the ideal partner for such an endeavour. Digia has a strong foothold as an IT partner to the financial sector, supported by its own Digia Financial Solutions (DiFS) product family.

“The customer was looking for a partner that could help them build front-facing services with particular attention to data security and legal requirements. We are extremely pleased to be able to meet the customer’s needs in such a tightly regulated industry and to develop solutions in their rapidly evolving operating environment. This cooperation agreement is a strong testament to Digia’s financial sector expertise, and we are proud to have earned the customer’s trust”, says Digia’s Senior Vice President Sami Paihonen.

Further information:
Ville Mäkinen
Head of Sales, Digital Solutions, Digia Plc
040 846 7660

Sami Paihonen
Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions, Digia Plc
050 502 1111

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