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Digia's Veikko Nokkala awarded itSMF's Service Management of the Year

The award is proof of Nokkala's bold and practical way of promoting the best practices of service management in Finland, especially in the DevOps context.

Veikko Nokkala is a service and software house Digia's digital evangelist and supports the digitalization progress of Digia's customers in its work. In addition to his work, Nokkala works e.g. DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) as a DevOps ambassador, and helps people and organizations to understand DevOps in the context of e.g. service management ideas.

Nokkala has been actively involved in translating DevOps terminology and training into Finnish and has also helped the itSMF vocabulary terminology group in his own work. Nokkala has also been unreservedly ready to speak at various events when the topic is innovation culture, the development of Finnish society and building success with the help of digitalization, the award's grounds state.

“This award means a lot to me. It's great to receive recognition for work that doesn't even always feel like work, because the whole subject is so fascinating," Nokkala says.

DevOps – efficient operational model for continuous improvement of IT services

DevOps is an operational model with the aim of automating IT service functions related to software development, testing and maintenance. DevOps provides an excellent framework for improving the design, construction, and provision of IT services in any organization. However, there are still misunderstandings surrounding this operating model, and organizations are not yet fully able to harness its potential. That's why Nokkala's work as part of itSMF's operations and as a DevOps ambassador is also important.

"It is quite common for organizations to think that this does not work for us. However, it can be a delusion, which is why I would challenge everyone to do DevOps Competence QuickScan and reflect on how the different aspects of the survey could be developed in oneself or in the organization. For me, DevOps is, in simple terms, the continuous improvement of an organization building and utilizing IT services, and the people doing this improvement. People are the most fascinating point of view for me, and that's why I also read and listen a lot on the subject. It develops my own thinking and learning new things also keeps me humble, and our Senior Trainee attitude is strong. We complete our work but we ourselves are a work-in-progress", says Nokkala.

ItSMF Finland is an independent and non-profit association whose goal is to share information, promote cooperation and conduct research in the area of service management. The association annually rewards the deed and person of service management. The purpose of the competition is to highlight active top experts in the field and service management practices in Finland.

Further information:

Veikko Nokkala
Chief Digital Evangelist, Digia Plc
+358 (0)50 542 2242 / veikko.nokkala(a)


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