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Customer experience and data-driven digital marketing

Charm your customers with an intelligent customer experience that extends from digital services to brick-and-mortar, and from customer services to marketing and sales.

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Ensure a consistent, first-class customer experience regardless of the service channel

The importance of the customer experience is undeniable, in both digital services and physical encounters. A delightful experience is remembered and shared, thereby increasing customer loyalty, brand reputation and sales.

A one-off great experience can be just fortunate, but repeatedly pleasant and personable experiences require determined work from the company: a customer-centric attitude and a data-driven approach.

A uniform multi-channel customer experience becomes possible when data is collected from every channel and used to form a full picture of each customer.

All customer interactions should be saved in a shared database, where fragmented data is compiled into relevant customer information. This information should then be made available for customer services, sales and marketing to utilise whenever serving and communicating with customers or planning and developing operations.


Customer data increases the accuracy and impact of marketing

As technology develops and understanding of the value of data becomes greater, the accuracy of marketing activities can be improved. Thanks to data, generic mass communication can be superseded by targeted, customer-focused messages aligned to the different stages of the customer journey.

Data can also be used to select the most appropriate channels and activities and to find the most suitable messages. If the data indicates changes in customer behaviour, you should be ready to react quickly.

However, being able to use data promptly means that you need to collect all possible data about your customers and their behaviour from all different data sources and compile it in one place for everyone to use.

Data-driven marketing is based on continuous learning and development. Data must be monitored and analysed, the effectiveness of different measures compared, and customer paths constantly fine-tuned so that they correspond to your company's individual customer base and customers’ current purchasing behaviour.

Data-driven marketing supports sales

When sales share their CRM data and list of prospects with marketing, marketing can reciprocally begin generating sales-ready leads. Contacting known prospects who have indicated interest in marketing content is significantly more effective than cold calling.

With the help of smart tools and up-to-date information, marketing and sales become more efficient. This is based on forming a deeper customer understanding and performing timely activities. A stimulating marketing message and an attractive sales pitch are always useful, but success no longer depends solely on those.

When operations are pre-planned and the interplay between marketing and sales works seamlessly, the customer can be reached when they are ready to buy. The hit rate improves for sales when they approach sales-ready prospects at the right moment.

Harness the power of marketing automation and artificial intelligence

For a long time, the main reasons for investing in marketing automation were to schedule activities, customise messages, and identify, classify, and manage sales leads. But there are other reasons, too.

In the best case, all marketing and sales activities, content, channels, data, and customer registers can be managed centrally, using just one platform. That is convenient and cost effective. And if you automate regularly repeated activities and time-intensive tasks, such as compiling data, your resource efficiency also increases.

These days, the most sophisticated automation systems also include functions that utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning. These can be used to assess the maturity of leads and to detect, or even forecast, changes in customer behaviour.

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Your partner in comprehensive customer experience and digital marketing

Digia's customer experience and digital marketing unit is Avalon, an agency with over 25 years of experience in customer-oriented, data-driven digital marketing.

We have over a decade of experience in using different marketing automation systems, social media advertising, and search engine marketing.

We act as a technology-independent partner in producing comprehensive customer experiences. The collaboration between Avalon and Digia is seamless, in case you are interested in artificial intelligence, the technical implementation of an MA system, the development of new digital services, or the redesign of an online shopping solution, in addition to marketing.

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