Integration and API management

Integrations and API management are your company's digitalisation drivers

Combining data, processes, services and equipment is the basic requirement for business development. Business-oriented implementation of the integration ensures faster and more controlled availability of essential information where it is needed. This enables more efficient development of internal operations, partner cooperation and new services.

As Finland’s strongest integration and API company, we build proactive and business oriented integration and API solutions to our customers.

Develop your API and integration operation fluently with us

API Fast Track

We will help your organisation to create a basis for sustainable API development by means of different API methods (API Canvas, APIOps Cycles®, API Audit).

We will work together to identify the needs and potential of your interfaces and help in creating a governance model for your organisation. We will take into account the needs of your organisation in terms of business models, technical solutions, data protection and data security.

Fast track of integration architecture

Together with you we will build an integration development roadmap and the basic functions of integration operations.

Our service includes, based on the initial assessment, the identification of business needs, integration architecture design and technology recommendations.

We implement our integration solutions:

With solid expertise

Digia knows its integration business. We have more than 130 experts to create EDI, SOA, HIP and API solutions based on your needs. We will create your company an integration architecture that will be part of the overall architecture of your business environment.

Using tried and tested technologies

We use in our integration services tried and tested technologies such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, MuleSoft, RedHat, FRENDS and Digia iSuite.


High-quality data security is the bedrock of our operating model. We implement integrations according to the customer’s data security requirements, ensuring business continuity.

For all environments

We carry out integrations on-premises and in cloud and hybrid (HIP) environments. In cloud integrations, we employ Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix and Amazon AWS environments. Integrations are also available on IaaS and iPaaS basis.

Continuous services

The commercialised Digia Integration Service Centre (ICC) provides life-cycle services for integration, covering design, development, maintenance and monitoring, 24/7 if necessary.

Utilising API interfaces

We are a leading builder of API economy. We will help you to open up and commercialise your organisation's data in a controlled manner for the digital market.

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