Integration and API

Business renewal requires comprehensive integration capabilities

Integrations are engines for business renewal and digitalisation. Integrations and interfaces (APIs) enable data to move within and between organisations, and they make it easy to combine data from various sources.

Integrations and API solutions play a crucial role as enablers of digital networks and ecosystems and the platform economy. New services must be developed and launched increasingly quickly, and entirely new services and solutions can be created in networks of partners by exchanging and combining data. Integrations directly affect the speed and flexibility with which the data accumulated on systems can be put to business use.

The increasingly networked nature of business operations and the related diversification of data sources will also introduce new challenges to the implementation and management of integrations. Systems are being transferred to the cloud, and not just one cloud – several clouds. At the same time, some of the systems will remain in data centres. How can companies make use of partners’ data or share their own data securely? It must be possible to combine the old and the new and to manage the overall entity.


Comprehensive integration capability

We help our customers build integration capabilities that enable business renewal in a digitalised world.

Integration services

A comprehensive service package for managing and developing a company’s integrations. In addition to implementing integrations, our experts will be at your side throughout the development of the integration architecture. Our ongoing services include platform operation, maintenance, service management and a 24/7 service desk.

The Integration Competency Centre (ICC), which operates closely with the customer, forms the core of our integration services. Today, integrations are developed in a decentralised manner in different parts of the organisation, using different tools. Our expert teams provide training on integration implementations and consistent practices in line with the architecture.

API services

API services cover the development of an API function and architecture, development of APIs and API management.

Sharing data via high-quality interfaces plays a crucial role in the platform and API economy. We use APIOps Cycles™ methods (such as API Canvas and API Audit) to ensure that APIs have a strong business case and offer developers meaningful resources.

We can help to develop API management tools and API architectures systematically so that interfaces are realised in a manner congruous with the company’s architecture over the long run. In a multi-vendor environment, we train development teams to use your company’s API environment.

SIAM administration and management services

You can choose to centralise the administration and management of integrations, APIs and platforms with us. We offer a comprehensive service for managing multi-vendor environments.

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Monitoring integrations

Our monitoring and service management tools enable proactive monitoring of the functionality of integrations via a visualisation.

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Develop your API and integration operation fluently with us

API Fast Track

We will help your organisation to create a basis for sustainable API development by means of different API methods (API Canvas, APIOps Cycles®, API Audit).

We will work together to identify the needs and potential of your interfaces and help in creating a governance model for your organisation. We will take into account the needs of your organisation in terms of business models, technical solutions, data protection and data security.

Fast track of integration architecture

Together with you we will build an integration development roadmap and the basic functions of integration operations.

Our service includes, based on the initial assessment, the identification of business needs, integration architecture design and technology recommendations.

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