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Robotics and automation

When you have a software robot handling routine tasks, you can focus on creating value for your customers.

Increase productivity, job satisfaction and customer value

The beauty of robotics is that it is useful across all sectors of industry. Software robots are well suited for financial and HR management tasks, monitoring inventory balances, communications tasks and, for example, application processing.

Any rule-based task, which is a repetitive, digital process, is an ideal target for automation. Humans can be freed from laborious, repetitive, and precision-demanding tasks, in which a robot performs better. Their quality of work is always impeccable, and the work is done in the blink of an eye, increasing productivity and cost efficiency.

Transferring work-heavy routine tasks to a robot increases job satisfaction among your personnel. Improved employee motivation is then reflected in the customer value and customer experience.

Robotics is increasingly being used for data processing tasks. Robotics enables highly efficient and scalable data transfers regardless of data source and destination. A good example is data migrations, such as the health and social services sector reform for processing patient and customer data.

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Your partner in robotics

Whether you are an expert in robotics or planning to start using a robot, our services provide the keys to getting started.  With us, you can truly take robotics to the next level. Our open source robot solutions, certified security and lifecycle services provide the steps to expand intelligent automation and unlock the benefits of hyperautomation.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner ready to try software robotics, we will help you get started and stay by your side as you expand and continuously develop your automation. Together, we'll develop a software robotics vision that's right for your business, explore the potential of automation and successfully implement your plans.

We have experience in hundreds of automation projects, including in temporary staffing and real estate, retail sales, service industries, industrial manufacturing, logistics, health and social services, the educational sector and the public sector.

We have developed services to make it easy for you to get started: Digia Bright Idea™ process analysis and the Digia Bright Skills™ training programme.

Digia Bright Idea™ -process analysis

The analysis will help identify the tasks that are suitable for automation and clarify the benefits of automation. A robotisation index makes it easy for you to compare the suitability of different tasks and facilitates decision-making.

Digia Bright Skills™ -training programme

Our training programme helps you set up a robotics team that promotes the utilisation of robotics and artificial intelligence, and that monitors, develops, maintains, plans and manages projects.


Digia OIVA Smart Automation – platform and tools as an efficient and secure life-cycle service

We have developed a secure, scalable service that makes the use and implementation of robotic process automation easy and efficient.

Digia OIVA Smart Automation combines a robotics operating environment with tools, a management platform, and continuous services. The efficient life-cycle service covers all the stages of automation and offers certified information security.

Our life-cycle service covers everything you need: a cloud environment, robot technologies, expert and developer services, and comprehensive maintenance services, 24/7 if necessary. You are guaranteed to succeed with a functional, safe and easy way to automate routine tasks and data processing.

Shall we think things through together?

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Olli Ainasvuori

Vice President, MOST Digital