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Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

The number of devices and systems that collect real-time data keeps increasing, but proper utilisation of that data requires planning and smart tools. AI helps process the masses of data to deliver predictive analytics. Intelligent utilisation of data lays good foundations for future success.

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Edge towards intelligent business with AI and IoT data

Artificial intelligence is a valuable aid in analysing business data, helping to create forecasts, and optimising processes and functions. It can also help you form a more comprehensive understanding of your customer. All this without eating up your experts' precious time.

To use data intelligently, start with a concrete business need: decide what exactly it is that you want to start developing. Only with a clear need in mind can we identify the necessary data sources. Next, we have to figure out if the data you need is already available somewhere or whether additional devices or data sources are necessary to collect it.

Especially in industrial environments, it can be helpful to use IoT data obtained through sensors to enrich the data produced by production and operational control systems. This way, you can gain a more comprehensive view of your operational activities and the processes within them. A detailed understanding of your processes helps us see where there is room for automation, optimisation, or other development activities.


Artificial intelligence may well be closer than you think

Artificial intelligence is not only a tool for enhancing and automating complex processes. Different functions built using AI, such as text analytics or speech and image recognition, offer enormous opportunities for developing your customer experiences and making sales, marketing and customer service operations more efficient.

Making AI a part of everyday life requires willingness and readiness to change the existing ways of working within a company. Many of the more popular ERP, CRM and IB systems already offer features or extensions that make it easy and quick to implement AI. Successful use cases and positive results fuel the willingness to experiment.

Why choose Digia as your IoT and AI partner?

We have in-depth expertise in data-generating systems, Internet-of-Things applications, and the use of artificial intelligence. We can help you with everything related to data-collecting devices and sensors, as well as secure data storage and the use of advanced, AI-assisted analytics in solving your business challenges.

We help ensure that you get truly valuable information from your processed data.

Shall we think things through together?

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Ville Mäkinen

Head of Sales, Digital Solutions
Ville Mäkinen, Head of Sales, Digital Solutions