SIAM service

Manage and develop your company’s digital capabilities

As companies digitalise their operations, the number of IT services and suppliers increases. The bulging supplier network is reflected in the spectrum of different everyday practices and, in some cases, a blurring of responsibilities. IT ecosystem management requires a major input of time and effort, and the full benefit of IT investments may not be realised.

Digia’s SIAM service consolidates the responsibility for managing and administering the IT ecosystem with a single partner. Our service provides an organisation, processes, tools and knowledgeable SIAM experts for IT ecosystem management. Above all, we ensure that your IT services that provide constant support in the manner that best suits the development of your business.

The SIAM services can also include strategic-level services for corporate IT management, such as overall architecture management and data analytics. The service is easy to expand into other Digia service areas, such as integration and API services, cloud services, enterprise resource planning and digital services.

Benefits of the SIAM service

  • The IT services support business targets and generate more added value for the business.
  • Lower risks to business continuity.
  • Better transparency for the provision and costs of IT services.
  • Better reactions to customer needs, IT service requests and changes in the operating environment.
  • More efficient interaction facilitates innovation and improves the capability to manage new business models and ecosystems.

We believe in a business-oriented SIAM model

We flexibly adapt the operating models to the customer’s everyday needs

Straightforward management, clear processes and clear tools form the core of the SIAM service. The same template cannot provide the same benefits to everyone, so we flexibly adapt the operating models to the customer’s world. Our knowledge of the customer’s core processes ensures that the full benefit of the service can be realised.

Development, data analytics and overall architecture services are a part of our SIAM service

To ensure that IT services support the constant development of the business, the processes and SIAM operating model must continuously develop. Data reveals which areas require development and our overall architects ensure that development follows the correct trends.

We take everyday responsibility for the operational management and coordination of IT services

We work in close cooperation with our customers and provide services in Finland and the nearby areas. This facilitates interaction and active dialogue on an operational, tactical and strategic level. By working with us, customers can free up time to focus on work that generates added value for their business.

We prefer a phased service deployment to ensure a managed SIAM pathway

The SIAM operating model is highly extensive. For this reason, it is a good idea to start with the sections that can provide benefit most quickly. Phasing ensures that the operating model is deployed successfully and integrated into everyday work. It is also easier to keep the development of the operating model moving in the right direction when the results are examined at the end of every phase and operations are directed accordingly.

A finely tuned machine is the basis for a successful digital journey

The digital transformation requires companies to undertake comprehensive development work in areas such as platforms, integrations and other technological capabilities, as well as IT service management and administration. At Digia, we have the capability to offer customers the SIAM service, as well as a comprehensive catalogue of other services.