We help to build a smoother digital world

We can serve our customers as a truly visionary partner in the development of digital business operations and day-to-day processes to data analytics, digital services and e-commerce solutions. 

Digia is  IT service company that helps its customers harness digital opportunities

As a visionary partner, Digia develops and innovates solutions that support business operations together with its customers. We adapt our expertise to their specific industries to help them develop digital services, manage operations and utilise information. We employ over 1,000 experts in Finland and Sweden. We are expanding our international presence together with our customers.

Digia’s net sales were EUR 112.1 million in 2018. The company is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (DIGIA).

One of our major assets is our profound knowledge and understanding of the core processes of local organisations, and of the supporting operational systems and integrations. Our digital business services give us a bigger role in our customers' value chains. Our service model also includes consultancy, service desing, development partnerships, and life-cycle services.

We have solid industry expertise in commercial, logistics and industrial sectors, in the public sector, and in banking and insurance.

In Finland, we operate in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Rauma, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa and Lahti. In Sweden, we operate in Stockholm.

Digia’s service areas

 Digia comprises four service areas: Digital Services, Integration and Information Management Services, Industry Solutions, and Financial Sector. These service areas are supported by Horizontal Services.

Digital Services

We help our customers do better business by generating productive and effective customer encounters, and implementing outstanding digital services complete with information systems to support them. 

Industry Solutions

We adapt our offering to the industry. Industry Solutions designs and develops products and customised solutions that have an intrinsic industry perspective. We have solid expertise, especially in the commercial, service, logistics and industrial sectors, and also in the public sector. 

Information Management Services

As one of Finland’s top integration and API companies, we successfully harness our customers’ data, and use our analytics solutions to refine it and reveal important details and entities. We speed up access to information, and make data available for utilisation in a controlled manner wherever it is needed. In this way, we ensure the successful development of our customers’ businesses and new digital services. 

Financial Sector

We help our customers in the financial sector to develop and enhance their business with our innovative solutions. Our DIFs product family is the market-leading solution for management companies, asset managers and stockbrokers. Digia has 30 years’ experience in the financial sector.


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