Markets and Digia's market position

Despite the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we expect continued growth in the Finnish IT service marketover the long term. Digia’s extensive service offering enables us to serve a broad range of customers regardless of theirstage of development and field of business. The digitalisation trend remains strong.

Last updated: 24.2.2022 

Digia operates in Finland and Sweden, and our subsidiary Climber operates in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. We expect the Finnish IT service market to continue to grow in the long term. Although the coronavirus pandemic still poses uncertainty in our operating environment, we believe that demand will develop favourably in 2022.

The pandemic has helped to accelerate digital advancements: it has woken up many organisations to review their operating methods and assess opportunities for harnessing digital solutions. Clear examples of this include remote work practices, the development of e-services, and supply chain management.

Market trends

We see the following strengthening trends in the market both in the business and public sector:

  • Digitalisation is an increasingly important part of the core operations of organisations and business processes
  • The world is becoming networked, and digital platforms enable new business models
  • Smart and responsible data utilisation in business processes creates a competitive advantage
  • A good user experience is a critical success factor for services
  • The role of cloud technologies as a platform for developing and operating services is becoming the norm
  • Data utilisation leads to further increases in data security and protection requirements.

Developing digital business and data utilisation continue as strong trends that are picking up momentum. Databased business management increases a company’s competitiveness as data utilisation helps boost the efficiency of your operations, identify customer needs, and build better customer encounters.

In order to reap business benefits, the system as a whole must run effectively. This means that there is also a growing need to modernise back-end systems, and their integrations and interface solutions as well as core business systems. Digia is strong in this area.

Digia’s market position

Digia operates extensively in a broad range of very different markets. We have systematically built up our customer and industry independent offering so as to be an end-to-end digitalisation partner to organisations. During the pandemic, our special strengths have been various operational system solutions, data-driven business andthe service and maintenance business.

Our comprehensive service offering enables us to serve customers regardless of their stage of development and field of business. Our extensive customer base balances out risks involving demand in individual sectors.

As part of our strategy, we have also strengthened our data and analytics capabilities by acquiring the Swedish business analytics specialist Climber International AB.

In addition to our project business, Digia provides comprehensive services for maintenance, monitoring, and continuous development. Service and maintenance agreements bring stability to Digia’s business and serve as a foundation for building long-term and evolving customer relationships. In 2021, service and maintenance accounted for 67.1 percent of our net sales.