Markets and Digia's market position

The digitalisation trend shows no signs of stopping and is creating a strong growth market for Digia. Customer organisations are placing a clearer focus on data utilisation needs.

Last updated: 22.2.2021 

Companies and public-sector organisations are continuing to digitise their services. The further along organisations are on their digitalisation journey, the more clearly the focus of demand shifts to data utilisation. We believe that the coronavirus pandemic will primarily accelerate developments in digitalisation, even though it will have different impacts on different sectors.

We see the following strengthening trends in the market, both in the business and public sector:

  • digitalisation is becoming an increasingly important part of organisations’ core operations;
  • smart and responsible data utilisation in business processes creates a competitive advantage;
  • the world is becoming networked, and digital platforms enable new business models;
  • a good user experience is a critical success factor for services;
  • further growth in information security and protection requirements;
  • the role of cloud technologies as a platform for developing and operating services is becoming the norm.

Digitalisation is business critical

In many organisations, the digitalisation of operations has progressed so far in recent years that operations are almost entirely reliant on a variety of information systems. This means that digitalisation will no longer be a separate or one-off activity – it will instead play a key role in how an organisation implements its core tasks. That’s why the uninterrupted operation of services and systems is becoming even more important. Digia meets these customer needs with its strong overall offering, its range of service management and monitoring options, and its Finland-based Service Center. We are able to generate significant value for our customers by ensuring the uninterrupted operation of their systems – even 24/7.

Data as a business benefit

When processes are highly digitalised, organisations have access to data on practically all of their activities. That’s why it is possible to make business even more data-driven. Data also enables the development of brand-new kinds of services and even new business models. In order for data to benefit your business, you need datadriven operating models combined with the capability to gather, manage, share and analyse data. Digia employs its comprehensive expertise to help its customers utilise data. In addition to analytics, we pay attention to data utilisation needs in all of our deliveries, from ERPs to digital services.

Digital platforms are changing business

In our networked world, digital platforms are becoming increasingly important in two ways. Firstly, every company and public-sector organisation must ensure that their own digital platform is in good working order. This means managing data and efficiently digitalising processes. Secondly, digital platforms enable new types of cooperation models (platform economies are a well-known example of this). Companies using more traditional operating models must also identify what kind of digital ecosystems they should join, and also ensure they have the capability to join these platforms and share data between platforms.

User experience decisive for services

The benefits of digitalisation ultimately depend on whether users actually make good use of digital services. Services must be attractive and easy to use, and must benefit their users. Digital services are typically user interfaces for functions implemented by many other systems. Digia’s strength in the competitive digital services market is our understanding of the entire package: we are able to implement services from business systems all the way up to the customer interface. This package is tied together  with a customer-centric approach and service design. The services of the future will, above all, be data-driven.

Increased importance of data security and protection

The further we progress with digitalisation, more and more critical data of various types is being stored in systems. From the perspective of customer confidence, protecting this data is vital. Data leaks and other cyber threats are posing an increasingly critical risk to the activities of both companies and organisations. For this reason, customers are increasingly valuing partners, who are able to guarantee secure systems all the way from implementation to maintenance. Digia can safeguard system security from implementation to maintenance. Digia has a separate security organisation headed up by the CSO, which is responsible for continually developing our security practices. Our offering also includes high-security data services for a variety of official needs in particular.

The cloud becomes a commonplace platform

These days, the cloud is increasingly being used as a production platform at all levels of digitalisation, from business systems to data analytics and digital services – and its importance will only increase in the future. However, it is not always appropriate to migrate all operating and application environments to the cloud. This means that there is a need for a variety of cloud and data centre hybrid solutions. Digia is your comprehensive partner in the cloud. We can help design cloud architecture, implement cloud infrastructure, and provide continuous cloud-based services.