Markets and Digia's market position

The platform economy trend is becoming increasingly obvious also in digital development at Finnish companies. During the next phase, we believe that the networked approach will expand from individual platforms to cover entire digital ecosystems. In the world of ecosystems, the fundamental success factors are the ability to utilise data and a winning customer experience.

Last updated: 22.2.2019  

Development from individual projects to digitalization of the whole business

Instead of making individual digital projects, companies are increasingly considering the bigger picture: how can the opportunities afforded by digitalisation be harnessed throughout our business in the best possible way? IT services are not isolated elements – they increasingly have a direct
connection to core business. IT infrastructure must then be planned as an ensemble so that a company’s core systems, such as ERPs or CRMs, constitute a platform on which digital services can be developed. The ensemble will be realized in phases.

Digitality, highly compatible platforms and data sharing will enable new ways of creating value. It may be worthwhile for a company to provide its services via a third-party platform, or to attract more users to its own platform services by making them available to other service providers. This networked approach is quickly becoming common,and will change the world forever.

We believe that, in the future, business value will be created in these kinds of digital ecosystems. This trend can already be seen today, and will only strengthen over the coming years. One new aspect of the platform trend is that it no longer affects only Über, Facebook, Airbnb and the like, that is, brand-new platform services that disrupt an industry. Now, it will undoubtedly affect companies with well-established businesses, both in Finland and abroad.

Emphasis on ability to connect to ecosystems and build them

As networked way of operating becomes more common, companies must consider which ecosystems they want to operate in, and how they will go about it. In practice, this requires the ability to either build or join a platform. At the same time, the business-critical nature of platform solutions puts pressure on the security and reliability of implementations. As a result of this trend, companies need to partner with IT operators that both understand and can deliver these kinds of extensive systems – and also guarantee their functionality under all circumstances.

Digia’s offering is well suited to all these market requirements. We help our customers to construct and develop their business systems, so that they provide a flexible yet stable platform on which to build a variety of digital services and indeed an entire digital business. A controlled and comprehensive approach is essential for successful platform integrations. Digia is a solid and recognised market provider of integrations and APIs. We are able to provide our customers with round-the-clock system support and monitoring to ensure uninterrupted business-critical processes.

Data utilisation paramount in ecosystems

Data utilisation is becoming an increasingly critical success factor in the world of ecosystems. Many companies are now genuinely switching to an operating model in which data is harnessed to steer and renew business operations. The idea of platform economy solutions is the sharing and pooling of data among networked operators so that brand-new kinds of services are created for users.

People have been talking about data utilisation for a long time, and data volumes are increasing all the time as processes and services are digitalised. The threshold questions are how to structure big data into a usable format and how to identify the areas in which it can be best used. Digia responds to these customer needs by providing both consulting services and technological solutions to collect, manage and analyse data. When it comes to secure data sharing, the creation and administration of open interfaces (APIs) now play an important role. In 2018, we added to our expertise in analytics and data utilisation with the acquisition of Avarea.

Thanks to the Avarea deal, Digia has solid expertise in the Data Lake and Data Platform solutions required to build analytics solutions. Digia provides data analysis solutions for customer and profitability analytics in particular: we help companies to accumulate a deeper understanding of their customers and both forecast and improve profitability. We also help customer companies to take full advantage of data utilisation: With the aid of analytics and AI, data can be used to develop brand-new operating methods and services, and even completely new kinds of businesses.

Profound customer understanding is the key to success

With networks, platform economy services and digital ecosystems, customers can acquire services more easily and through a greater variety of channels than ever before. When trying to succeed in the face of this competition, customer experience is the decisive factor.

We believe that, in the future, a winning customer experience will have to be deep. A deep customer experience arises when a service combines a good vibe with good functionality, that is, high-quality user interface design, nice visuals and technical functionality. A service must operate as a seamless whole – even with the back-end systems.

In the field of digital services, demand is also shifting away from isolated system solutions to comprehensive system design. This trend is an opportunity for a company such as Digia – a company that knows how to create a deep customer experience in everything from digital services to integrations and business systems. This package is tied together with a
customer-centric approach to design that is well served by our service design expertise.