Markets and Digia's market position

We expect the IT service market to continue to grow. Companies and public sector organisations are making the transition from discrete IT solutions to the era of digital platforms. At the same time, the requirements set for functionality and data security are growing. Data utilisation and a good customer experience are increasingly important. Cloud as the development and operating platform for services becomes the norm.

Last updated: 21.2.2020 

From separate projects to the digitalisation of the entire business

Most of the core functions of companies and public sector organisations are currently performed using a variety of information systems and digital services. Organisations no longer merely rely on isolated solutions for digitalisation – rather, it is core business.

Due to this development, IT solutions are increasingly business critical. The requirements set for functionality and data security are growing and the need for 24/7 incident management, maintenance and continuous development is emphasised.

For this reason, companies need to partner up with IT providers that understand the bigger picture and can guarantee functionality under all circumstances. In addition to services, Digia also provides its customers with system support and monitoring around the clock to ensure the continuity of business-critical processes.

The world is becoming networked and digital platforms enable renewal

Companies are transferring more of their business operations to digital platforms and the networks they form. This development enables Finnish companies and public sector organisations to tap into the opportunities of the platform economy. It may be worthwhile for a company to provide its services via a third-party platform, or to attract more users to its own platform services by making them available to other service providers.

We believe that, in the future, business value will be created in these kinds of digital ecosystems. This means that companies must consider which ecosystems they want to operate in, and how they will go about it. In practice, they need to have the ability to build their own platform and join other platforms, taking data security requirements into consideration.

Digia’s offering is well suited to all these market requirements. Our strength stems from our expertise in different levels of digitalisation. We help our customers to construct and develop their business systems, so that they provide a flexible yet stable platform on which to implement a variety of digital services and indeed an entire digital business. A controlled and comprehensive approach is essential for successful platform integrations. Digia is a solid and recognised market provider of integrations and open interfaces. There is growing demand for state-of-the-art cloud-based integration tools in particular.

Smart data utilisation provides a competitive edge

Utilising data in the networked world is a key competitive factor. When processes and services are digitalised, an ever-growing volume of data becomes available on key functions, making it possible to steer, optimise and modernise processes. An increasing number of companies are calibrating  their operations to be more data driven. Data is also valuable when it is shared with external parties: sharing and combining data in networks opens the door to providing new kinds of services to users.

Digia helps its customers to plan the use of data in business operations, find applications, and implement the technical solutions, smart algorithms and data warehouses required for data utilisation.

In data-driven business, Digia’s particular strength is its robust expertise in data warehousing solutions. Modern data warehouses are increasingly often being implemented in the cloud. In data analysis, Digia helps companies gain a deeper understanding of customers and to both predict and improve their profitability. When it comes to secure data sharing, the creation and administration of open interfaces now play an important role.

Thanks to this expertise in analytics and data warehouse solutions, combined with strong integration capabilities, Digia has a strong offering that enables us to meet the constantly growing need for data utilisation solutions.

Good user experience in services is a critical success factor

Today, people are offered easier access to services in more channels than ever before. When trying to succeed in the face of this competition,  customer experience is the decisive factor. The smarter the service, the more relevant and personalised the user experience.

We believe that, in the future, a winning customer experience will have to be consistent and inspiring. Digital services are typically user interfaces for functions implemented by many other systems, whether in the case of online store deliveries or the mobile purchase of a travel ticket.

Digital services are powered by business systems – integrations and APIs combine them into a seamless whole. Designing a functional digital service requires going beyond the surface and harnessing data utilisation solutions to make it smart.

For these reasons, in the field of digital services, demand is also shifting away from isolated system solutions to comprehensive system design. This trend is an opportunity for a company such as Digia – a company that knows how to create a customer experience in everything from digital services to integrations and business systems. This package is tied together with a customer-centric approach to design that is well served by our service  design expertise. Our expertise in data utilisation ensures smart services.