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Markets and Digia's market position


Market outlook

In Digia’s view, the IT service market will continue to grow, even though risks related to short-term demand have increased in the operating environment, particularly due to the weaker macroeconomic outlook and high inflation, which is to some extent being reflected in customer behaviour.

The long-term trend in the demand for digital solutions is strong, and data utilisation harnessing smart technology both efficiently and securely is an increasingly essential success factor for all organisations. Our customers’ goal is to streamline their existing operations, and thereby enable investments in continuous digitalisation and, above all, artificial intelligence.

Market trends

Digitalisation is a strong underlying long-term trend. Greater automation and smart functionalities in solutions represent the next level in digital evolution.

We see the following trends:

  • User-centred and secure solutions are gaining further ground. Good usability of applications is of paramount importance.
  • Level of automation and smart functionalities is growing. Digital evolution is trending towards automated and AI-assisted or controlled processes and services. These are based on reliable data, its secure availability, and the organisation’s ability to refine and utilise it.
  • Instead of isolated solutions, the renewal of entire businesses as a whole is being considered. Application and IT system packages are become larger and more complex. Operational continuity, which is critical for organisations and business, emphasises the interoperability, reliability and security of system entities. When an overview and roadmap of the business have been drafted, system modernisation can be carried out in phases.
  • Business operations are becoming networked both internally and externally. Secure and reliable integrations are at the heart of digital evolution. They enable the functionality of application packages and data availability.
  • Sustainable development and the green transition are megatrends. The utilisation of digital technologies and data is key to solving sustainability challenges.

Digia's market position

Digia is in a strong position as it enters its next strategy period. The updated strategy is based on our delivery capabilities that are valued by customers and our organisation’s ability to engage in continuous renewal.

We combine technological possibilities and human capabilities to build intelligent business society and a sustainable future. We ensure that our customers are at the forefront of digital evolution, with an operational model and rhythm that are right for them. We harness Digia’s well-rounded expertise and comprehensive offering as well as operational models that suit the customer’s needs. We constantly renew our own operations and expertise, and work with reliable partners. As a versatile company, Digia can offer its employees meaningful job tasks and new things to learn. We are building a responsible society and Digia.

We implement our strategy by tapping into all of the strengths of Digia and the special expertise of our service areas. As a unified company, we provide our customers with large scale solutions and the expertise of our specialised service areas for their individual needs. We build long-term customer relationships and partnerships.