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Digia builds a new kind of ecosystem for workplace wellbeing through data analytics – apply to become a partner now

Digia has launched a six-month pilot study on the utilisation of data analytics in workplace wellbeing services. Partners in the project include Emooter and Heltti. We are reaching out to expand our network of partners for the modernisation of workplace wellbeing management and services.

The aim of the co-creation project is to build an innovative ecosystem that enables health and wellness providers to collaborate in designing workplace wellbeing services and practices through the use of data. The AI_LeadWell pilot project was launched this autumn, and is based on a data concept developed by analytics company Avarea. Avarea was acquired by Digia last April.

In the ecosystem, Digia acts as a data integrator that collects, combines, analyses and visualises data from different sources. The project also monitors and develops workplace wellbeing at Digia, as the test group for the study are the personnel of former Avarea.

Besides data analysis, employee wellbeing is supported by various kinds of wellness events and physical activities, from lectures on brain health to morning jogs. The effectiveness of the measures is monitored in real time.

Advantage through combining multiple sources of data

“Data and its utilisation are already ubiquitous in our lives. Many of us monitor our energy levels and recovery with fitness trackers and other instruments. With our analytics concept, data from different sources can be combined, interpreted and compared in an easily intelligible way. At the same time, we ensure that the privacy of employees participating in the project is protected,” explains Päivi Karesjoki, Director of Analytics at Digia.

The pilot study combines data from multiple sources. Sources for the data include an app for measuring employee engagement developed by Emooter Oy, and wellness bracelets that track heart rate, recovery and quality of sleep, among other things.

This data is combined with the company’s data gathered from work satisfaction surveys and the use of workplace health and wellness services. Also included are so-called “hard metrics”, such as employee work hours, billing, revenue and sales figures. The idea is to monitor how employee wellbeing is reflected in business. The concept can also be supplanted with other openly available sources of data.

Partner services expand understanding of workplace wellbeing

The partners in the pilot project, Heltti Oy and Emooter Oy, both provide their unique services in the collection or interpretation of data on employee wellbeing.

Heltti brings expertise on factors that affect workplace wellbeing and capacity for work, and helps interpret the data that are most relevant for employee health and work performance.

“For the first time, it is possible to utilise actual data to see in practice how wellbeing affects work productivity. I believe that the insight this provides is the dream of every HR manager,” says Tanja Lappi, occupational health psychologist and service developer at Heltti.

“At Emooter, our goal is to help each individual and team to manage their wellbeing at work. Users of our app can track their wellbeing easily and, above all, reliably, as we use scientifically proven metrics. Combining this information with other data opens up very interesting opportunities for both self-direction and corporate management,” says Dani Pärnänen, CEO at Emooter.

“I am confident that this concept will allow us to improve the wellbeing of both individual employees and the company as a whole through the use of data.   Our vision is to further develop the concept, and I am therefore inviting all interested partners to join along. Potential partners include insurance companies, pension insurance providers, HR management and wellness professionals, and everyone with the enthusiasm to modernise and develop workplace wellbeing services,” says Karesjoki at Digia.

Further information:

Päivi Karesjoki
Director, Analytics, Digia Plc
Tel. +358 40 902 2212

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