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Digia Hub expert network expands to Sweden – bringing together IT freelancers and companies

The expansion of the Digia Hub to Sweden is a step towards Digia’s strategic goal of growing international business. The network also provides additional resources for client projects of Digia’s Swedish subsidiaries.

The Digia Hub is a community founded in 2020 by Digia that offers exciting job opportunities and development projects for IT freelancers and companies. The Digia Hub already has more than 30,000 professionals across Europe. Now the Digia Hub is expanding into Sweden as well.

“Four years ago, the Digia Hub was founded to respond to a shift in the IT culture where small entrepreneurs were becoming increasingly prevalent alongside traditional employment relationships. The network has grown significantly during this time, and I am delighted that we can now expand the Digia Hub also to our western neighbour,” says Senior Vice President Sami Paihonen.

During the strategy period, one of Digia’s objectives is that international business will account for over 15 per cent of net sales. Last fall, Digia acquired Top of Minds, a Swedish IT consulting and service company. The expansion of the Digia Hub to Sweden is a new step in implementing the strategy.

In addition to Top of Minds, Digia has two other subsidiaries in Sweden: Climber, which specialises in business analytics, and Digia Sweden, which focuses on financial sector solutions. Through Digia Hub, freelancers have opportunities in Digia’s projects both in Finland and Sweden.

“Digia Hub’s underlying idea is a network where everyone wins – both customers and freelancers. Freelancers and IT companies get to utilize their expertise in new kinds of product and software development projects. On the other hand, clients have at their disposal the professional skills of precisely tailored teams,” concludes Hannu Hiilamo, Director, Digia Hub.

In addition to the customer work, the members of the network have access to the Digia’s Tribe activities, which enable continuous professional development.

“Many of the members of the network work alongside Digians from one project to another. Tribes are one example of how we work to create a more condensed relationship between Digians and freelancers and to develop a culture of doing things together,” adds Hiilamo.

Further information:

Hannu Hiilamo
Business Development Director, Digia Hub
Tel. +358405743323

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