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The era of traditional ERP systems is over – continued improvements in competitiveness require intelligent ERP solutions

Society, business environments and technologies are changing faster than ever, not least due to AI. To confidently continue developing their business activities and competitiveness, companies need intelligent ERP systems that enable genuine knowledge-based management and automation. 

The business environments of all industries are currently in flux, which places all-new demands on ERP systems. At the same time, the ERP world is at a pivotal moment in its history. Companies’ long-standing ERP solutions are coming to the end of their useful lifecycles in terms of both features and support. New solutions have migrated over to cloud and hybrid environments. Instead of massive, monolithic ERP systems, new solutions coming down the pipeline are built on modular systems that are manageable, customisable and constantly improving. 

“What companies need are new, intelligent ERP systems that meet the needs of modern business environments. Improving existing processes is no longer enough to boost your competitiveness; companies need to build in the readiness to adopt new operating models. A modern ERP solution is not just a reporting system; it is a platform for the comprehensive utilisation of the organisation’s data, the development of new services and the modernisation of business operations”, says the Business Development Manager of Digia’s Business Platform unit Jani Valu.

AI automates enterprise resource planning

The utilisation of AI is rapidly becoming more widespread, and the technology will also be found in future ERP platforms. AI, robotic process automation and machine learning become key technologies when ERP is used to analyse data, establish similarities and automate processes.

“Some modern ERP systems are already capable of predicting what the user wants to do and using that to present them with suggestions and options. In the future, ERP systems will function independently, only requiring user input when they encounter exceptions. Previously manual processes will be taken care of by software robots or learning AI. Experts will be left with actually utilising the data produced, making decisions based on it and correcting any errors produced by the system”, Valu explains.

“Enterprise resource planning is sustained development of business activities. Few companies get the most out of their engine and genuinely utilise it as a catalyst for their development or a driver of competitiveness. Intelligent ERP solutions create the groundwork for the company’s future competitiveness, growth and development, which, especially in today’s world, also has a significant influence on the economic growth of the country as a whole”, Valu adds.

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Jani Valu
Business Development Manager, Digia Plc
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