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Business platform for the financial sector

Digitalisation and technological development, authority requirements and changing regulations, as well as intensifying competition, all create continuous pressure to develop and transform operations in the financial sector.

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How can we respond to continuous change requirements?

The financial sector is going through immense changes. Companies need to offer reliable and diverse digital services to their customers while also responding to frequent change requirements in their operating environment.

When you seek clarity, predictability, and agility, it helps to have an intelligent system that comprehensively supports various business operations. Having just one system that handles everything you need it to handle increases operational and cost efficiency. Process automation within the system will provide an additional boost.

When a reliable service provider ensures that the platform meets all authority requirements, you can focus fully on business development.

Digia Financial Systems – one platform for all your business operations

We have developed a business platform for the needs of the financial sector. It supports all core business functions: fund management, asset management, lending and borrowing, and trading and custody. It is one of the largest financial sector systems in the Nordic countries.

Digia Financial Systems (DiFS) is a modular solution that helps simplify your system architecture and centralises all functions on one platform. The solution grows and adapts to your changing needs. As your business develops, our solution adapts.

We make sure that all market changes and regulatory reforms are taken into account in our system development process. You can choose between a traditional system delivery, a modern SaaS service, or an outsourced service.

The system is already widely used by asset management companies, banks, asset managers, credit institutions, insurance companies and account management companies.

Back-office outsourcing

Strictly regulated, routine back-office functions tie up a lot of resources without producing added value. By outsourcing these functions to us, you can focus fully on your core operations.

Outsourcing can naturally raise concerns about the quality of the service, the price, or the flexibility of development. We tackle these concerns with our customers through open dialogue.

It goes without saying that Digia is currently one of the most important, if not the most important strategic partner for Evli, such is the importance of these systems to our business. Going forward, there will be a need for continued communication and development.

Panu Jousimies, Head of Execution & Operations, Evli Oyj

Shall we think things through together?

If you would like to talk to one of our experts, you can leave us a contact request via the button below.

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Veli-Matti Saarinen

Myyntijohtaja, Financial Platforms

Sami Vallinkoski

Director, Financial Platforms