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Information and cyber security

The risk of becoming a target for cyber-attacks increases as the digitalisation of business progresses. Even unintentional data leaks can occur. To minimise risks, safety aspects must be taken into account in all stages of system and service development, from the design table to the user experience.
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Secure your information assets comprehensively

The development of information security and cyber security is a continuous effort. Security must be considered a top priority across all development projects and everyday operations.

All industries, each company, and every digital service has its own unique characteristics. For this reason, ensuring information and cyber security needs to be approached case by case. There are a number of things that always need to be considered, but there are also enormous individual differences to account for.

An experienced IT partner knows how to approach the planning, use and development of secure systems or services. Fast and concrete improvements are possible with well-planned safety assessments and consistent operating models for security development.


One partner for all your data-security issues

Digia is an optimal partner for continuous development of cyber and information security. Our services cover information security assessments, control solutions and continuous development. We use the DevSecOps model, meaning security and preparedness aspects are part of our daily operations across all development projects.

We ensure that your critical services are built to withstand cyber-attacks. We can also offer help with topics related to data protection and impact assessments. We have developed numerous products and services to help you prepare for information security threats.

Solutions for heightened security requirements

Public authorities, as well as many privately run companies, have heightened cybersecurity requirements. Ready-made products and solutions are often not enough to meet such needs. We can deliver all software solutions and services in accordance with different levels of security.

We have audited high-security production facilities and years of experience as a trusted partner of various organisations where high security is critically important.

Our Fast Track helps identify gaps in information security

Our service consists of information security audits and workshops led by our experts. You get an overall view of the state of information security in your organisation, a list of the most critical repair needs, an outline for further development steps, and recommendations for a long-term security plan.

Ensure the security of your Microsoft 365 environment

With the increase in remote and hybrid working, it is important to ensure that digital work environments are safe. We can map the information security situation of your Microsoft 365 environment and recommend corrective measures. We can also implement the corrective measures and prepare a road map for further development.

A properly configured operating environment built on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and secure devices, which also utilises data security monitoring tools, will effectively reduce the risk of data leaks and breaches.

A comprehensive view of your system operations

The Digia Iiris monitoring service helps to monitor the status of your information systems in real time. Thanks to predictive analytics, you can address issues and weaknesses before they turn into threats.

Secure data transfer

Digia Linja is a gateway for secure data transfer, suitable for public administration organisations and private sector companies. It enables secure data transfer between systems that have the same security classification, as well as between different networks.


Expert help for leading and managing information security

We offer expert services for the evaluation and development of information security management models, for either individual service areas or an entire governance model.

If your company is lacking a person in charge of information security, we can provide you with an experienced professional for the demanding role, either for a specific project or as a continuous service.

Shall we think things through together?

If you would like to talk to one of our experts, you can leave us a contact request via the button below.

The current security environment with its cyberattacks shows that the world is data-driven – defence is a key function in which the importance of data and digitalisation capabilities are put to the test. Data and digitalisation yield, among other things, decision-making capabilities, predictability, higher operational efficiency and overall understanding. In fact, reliability is the most important criterion for a defence industry digital partner.

Colonel Jarkko Karsikas, Chief Digital Officer at the Finnish Defence Forces

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Hannu Arvelo

Vice President, Secure and Scalable Solutions