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Service management and cloud services

Is your business dependent on digital services?

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Ensure the functioning and continuous development of your services

Many businesses and organisations depend on digital processes, systems and services to operate. Their continuity, security and functionality are critical for business continuity. The systems that provide services to society are often highly critical to their functionality.

If your company or organisation's systems and the services they provide are delivered by multiple parties, it is particularly important for maintenance to ensure that policies and responsibilities are clear to all.

Modern IT service delivery uses powerful tools to help control functionality and ensure that potential problems are avoided.


Your comprehensive service management partner

At Digia, our service management helps you ensure that your information systems remain in good condition and that disruptions are proactively managed ahead of time. Our service also covers the continuous development of your systems and services.

Our Service & Operations Centre provides service in English and Finnish

Our Service & Operations Centre acts as a centralised point of contact to help ensure that troubleshooting begins as soon as possible. Our flexible services include suitable options for each customer’s needs, upto 24/7 if necessary.

Our Service & Operations Centre also monitors customer-specific services in real time.

We follow a jointly agreed, documented mode of operations

Our service management is based on operating practices that we agree together with each customer. This helps us to ensure that all parties involved in service production act as planned in all situations. Describing and documenting the operating practices helps to ensure cost efficiency, quality, reliable metrics and the development of automation.


RACI model clarifies the division of responsibilities

Frequently, several teams and people from different companies are involved in IT service production. For service management, it is important for everyone to understand who is responsible for what, who performs which measures, who to approach for consultation, and who needs to be informed and when.

We use the RACI model (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) to describe the different roles and responsibilities.RACI model clarifies the division of responsibilities.

Service management toolkit

We use a service management system to collect and store all the data related to service production. With service-level reporting, it is easy to verify that services are provided according to the SLA.

In advanced service management, data is analysed more deeply and used to further develop services. For example, parts that cause disturbances are repaired and tasks that require the most work can be automated.

OIVA Smart Automation tools improve service quality, ticket resolution time and cost efficiency. 

Digia Iiris helps to monitor and track the functioning of applications, application and integration platforms, message traffic, website visitor traffic, and the resources used by service infrastructure. 


Digia as your cloud partner

We partner with all leading cloud service platforms: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. These scalable, cost-effective environments offer superior reliability and security, as well as advanced services and development tools.

We build the best solution for each of your specific needs and situations. Our solutions are often hybrid models utilising a data centre together with the cloud. We constantly optimise and develop the solutions using the best practices and tools.

We use highly automated solutions for monitoring and disturbance management. We have in-depth experience in delivering high-security solutions to the public security sector and private companies.



Cloud architecture and advisory services for cloud strategy

In cloud map consulting, we identify your needs for the modernisation of your operating model, determine the necessary requirements, and then prepare a cloud strategy, management model and implementation plan for you.

Well Architected is an examination of your current cloud environment. We use the official processes set by the platform providers to evaluate the current reliability, efficiency, information security, cost management and operations. You get a comprehensive report on positive findings and areas for improvement, as well as action proposals.

We also offer free-form consulting, in which we can develop a solution to a specific challenge that you are facing, by using cloud management or application security, for example.

Implementation of cloud transformation

We are your partner for a smooth and controlled cloud transition. We can also perform migrations and modernisation of development and production environments when high information security is a key requirement.

We design and build the necessary operating environments, audit the applications that are moved, implement migrations, and prepare the environments for continuous services. We also build testing and release environments for further development.

Maintenance and development of cloud and hybrid environments

The Managed Cloud service manages and optimises cloud services and the associated traditional data centre environments.

This includes server and network monitoring, security management, container management, backup and restore. Development work includes the deployment of new services and applications, optimising scalability and efficient use of cloud infrastructure resources. These will help to ensure that the infrastructure is cost-effective, secure and up-to-date with the latest technological developments.

Shall we think things through together?

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