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Key to Growth from Automation

Digitalization is here, and people naturally choose services or products which provide the greatest value. The digitalization of routine tasks and everyday processes is the key to growth on an unprecedented scale.  

RPA is the next step in the digital revolution of work. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) mimics human actions and is able to use computers in the same way as humans. RaaS (Robotics as a Service) refers to our comprehensive service model. 

By choosing software robots as a service, your team gains reliable, high-quality digital colleagues that increase productivity, work satisfaction and customer value. When you delegate repetitive routine tasks to a robot, you are free to focus on things you excel at. 

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Digia OIVA Smart Automation Service 

A flexible, scalable and open-source service, designed for all types of businesses to leverage automation, AI, machine learning and future solutions. Let’s streamline your workflow by combining your core business knowledge with our expertise – by utilizing automation, AI, machine learning and future solutions.

Our service includes data security, definition and development, implementation, maintenance and expert customer support - the entire service lifecycle, from ideation to maintenance. Pay-as-you-go pricing frees you from licenses and scales according to your needs, so every step of the service package is designed to support the deployment, maintenance and development of RPA. 

Digia has the know-how and the tools to help you launch your automation journey in a fun and fast way. Contact us even when your idea isn’t ready – the first step starts every journey! 


Where do robots work? 

The greatness of robotics lies in the fact that it offers solutions for all industries. Reviewing and developing workflows clarifies the potential of automation. Every rule-based task, or process that is repetitive, digital, and independent, is a great target for automation.

Robots work in a variety of ways, for example in support of financial and human resources management, regardless of industry. In addition, it is possible to harness the robot for industry-specific tasks to monitor e.g. industrial inventory balances, to assist in real estate resident communications, or to process, for example, library card applications. There are as many possibilities as there are existing processes. 

Expertise and Consulting Services 

Brighten your workflow, build an RPA vision and deepen your knowledge! 

Get a head start towards automation with Bright Idea & Skills. We at Digia are ready to work with you to develop an RPA vision, explore the possibilities of task automation, and successfully implement software robotics plans. We’ll help our customers understand and experience the benefits of automation to its fullest potential. We provide assistance in analyzing potential processes as well as implementing RPA in the most successful and productive way.

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Digia OIVA Smart Automation Technology

Automate, control, maintain – all in one place! 

Implementing and developing software robotics (RPA) with OIVA Smart Automation platform is fast and easy! Choose the most comprehensive all-in-one automation solution to solve real challenges, maintain RPA and to manage continuous services. 

The implementation is only a small part of a functioning RPA service. OIVA Smart Automation has been developed with a functional and information secure operating environment first, so that instead of a separate product, robot control and freely selectable automation tools are integrated directly into the operating environment. Therefore OIVA Smart Automation is not a tool itself, but a platform for managing robotics and the operating environment where it’s possible to choose RPA and AI tools to fit the need. 

ISO 27001 Certificate


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Automation partners get a turnkey concept to scale up the business 

Do you want to expand your business into RPA? With OIVA™ Partner Program you can start your RPA-business easily, without license payments or investments. From us you will get practical and safe tools for RPA – we won't limit your business model. 

Digia guides you into your RPA business journey in an easy, fast and safe way. Scaling up your business is only one quick contact away! 

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