Digia Financial Systems

A versatile solution for financial organisations

Financial organisations are beset by various forces of change. Digitalisation and technological development, the mounting demands of customers, changing regulations and the ever-increasing pressure of competition are requiring businesses to evolve.

Costs can be reined in, and the required rate of change can be achieved by automating processes and utilising cloud services. At the same time, digital services are required to address customers’ requirements.

Digia Financial Systems, one of the most extensive system packages for the financial sector in the Nordic countries, provides a robust basis for this change. The modular system is suitable for organisations of various sizes. You only need one system to manage your business.


Why choose Digia Financial Systems?

Your guide in the jungle of Finnish and European regulations

The system is developed in Finland while taking Finnish customers and reporting to the authorities into account. We know how to meet regulation requirements – in such a way that you will also be prepared when you are affected by the next round of regulatory changes.

Scalable system portfolio to support your business

Digia Financial Systems consists of modules to meet the needs of various operators of various sizes. As your business develops, the system package will evolve with you and provide a stable foundation on which to build new things.

Ready to meet your challenges

The requirements of the operating environment keep changing rapidly. A broad customer base and active user workgroups guarantee that various market changes and regulatory changes will be taken into account in system development.

Our services

DiFS products for your own use

The traditional delivery model in which the software is installed for the customer on the basis of a licence.

DiFS products as a service

We are responsible for managing the systems required to provide the service and the technical environments.

Processes as a service

We can provide all of the processes that are not subject to a licence from the Financial Supervisory Authority as a service.

Digia Back Office

We offer outsourcing of back office services for companies in the financial sector.