Internet of Things

Gather and process data that adds value to daily life

The number of devices that gather real-time data is growing at an accelerating pace. Data only becomes valuable information when it is combined, analysed and clearly presented to the user.

With the aid of Digia’s IoT solutions, you can gather, store, share and process genuinely valuable information. Our strengths lie in our understanding of technologies, your company’s backend systems and core processes, and the advanced analytics required for business development. We believe that the only data worth gathering is the data that will benefit you – that’s why we also help you to determine the benefits right from the very first pilot.

Our services for IoT implementations

1. Consulting

We provide assistance with business design and help you plan and launch your technical solution, all in accordance with our IoT accelerator model.

2. IoT platform

We provide solutions for securely gathering, storing and processing data.

3. Integration

We enable data transfer between systems and services.

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4. Analytics

Our analytics solutions provide real-time, significant data to support both daily decision-making and longer-term planning.

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5. Smart services

What kinds of opportunities does data afford in the development of new services? We will both consider and implement this together.

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Digia as a partner in IoT implementations

We promise considerable benefits

Right from the very first pilot, our objective is to work with you to provide a tangible return on your investment.

We design IoT solutions as part of a system package

IoT solutions are tailored to serve your company’s core operations. The goal is to remove manual work stages, improve visibility, and increase predictability in your company’s business activities.

Comprehensive service from sensors to storage and data processing

We can provide IoT solutions as a comprehensive service package containing everything from data collection devices and sensors to data storage and distribution, and advanced analytics.