High-security and availability solutions

Building a safer digital world

When developing secure operative systems and services, security must be integrated into all phases of service creation from design to user experience. 

Digia develops and innovates solutions that supports operations and collaboration in high security domains and between those domains. We ensure that mission critical solutions and services of our customers and their stakeholders function also in state of emergencies and are built to endure cyber-attacks.

Digia is specialized in providing customer specific software solutions and services. We also have competences in bringing business critical solutions into cloud and different types of situational awareness systems. Intelligent integrations are one of our core expertise areas.

Our capability to provide security-classified projects, services and products is enabled by our CISSP-certified experts and audited (ST4 and ST3) production facilities for implementing security-classified projects, services and products.


Digia Linja


Digia Linja is a unique secure gateway solution that makes possible to combine different security level networks into one operational network. It allows sharing information either one way or two ways, for example, from secret network to confidential and/or vice versa.

  • Secured gateway solution for integrating different security level networks and systems
  • Automated and secured data synchronization between the systems
  • Automated data validation and verifi cation process as part of business logic

112 Suomi -mobile application and platform

112 Suomi -application speeds up the provision of assistance in an emergency by delivering the caller's location information automatically to the emergency service dispatcher. It also provides a scalable platform and a communication channel for additional mobile public safety services.

  • Secured cloud solution for receiving and sending caller location information and attachments to ERC
  • Sending public emergency warnings to citizen mobile phones
  • PEMEA-support for sending location information to traveller’s domestic ERC
  • Capability to integrate with other authority services

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Digia Iiris


Digia Iiris is a solution for ICT-service management and situational awareness of an organisation. With Digia Iiris it is possible to get a quick overview about the situation of the organisation. You can have a realtime snapshot of the final service and use operational analytics and tools to ensure the service level.

  • Customised dashboards, real-time snapshot of the situation in one glance
  • Ideal solution for multivendor environments
  • Modular architecture enables access to selected views for third parties

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