High-security solutions

Cyber security and solutions for heightened security needs

Security in systems and services needs to be built in from the earliest design stages all the way through to the user experience. We employ DevSecOps methodology to create high-security systems.

We ensure that critical solutions and services work in emergency situations and that they are built to withstand cyber attacks. From information security reviews to monitoring solutions and continuous development, Digia is your comprehensive partner when it comes to developing your information security.

Information security reviews and corrective measures from the same partner

We provide reviews that map out the current state of your information security, correct the shortcomings we detect and help you raise the level of your information security in the long term.

Information security doesn’t need to be a mammoth project

Every organisation is different, so why would the process of building information security solutions look the same for all of them? We help you create an information security development plan that is tailored to your needs and allows for quick and significant steps forward.

Secure systems and services adapted to your needs

On their own, off-the-shelf product solutions are often insufficient for customers with high security requirements. That’s why Digia specialises in delivering customer-specific software solutions and services.


Digia is your comprehensive partner for improving information security


1. Define the starting level of the information security solution
We agree on the scope of our information security reviews separately with each customer. The review can cover individual systems or the company’s information security as a whole. 

2. Fix shortcomings
We help our customers improve their information security by correcting detected shortcomings and developing systems with DevSecOps methodology.


3. Build securely
Digia specialises in delivering customer-specific software solutions and services because off-the-shelf product solutions are often insufficient for customers with high security requirements.

4. Constantly strengthen
An information security solution is never complete. Our products and services help customers monitor and develop their information security continuously as part of regular system maintenance. 

5. Monitor and anticipate
Ensure the continuity of systems and services by anticipating likely disruptions.


Trusted partner of both the public and private sectors

We combine expertise from two worlds

Digia has years of experience as a trusted IT partner of various public bodies. We bring the most important lessons from the sphere of public administration, where excellent security is vital, to the private sector. Similarly, we complement our work in the public sector with lessons learned from collaboration with a wide variety of private companies from different sectors.


All Digia’s services hardened

What we offer covers all layers of digitalisation, be they systems that form the basis of all your operations, smart integrations that allow for the transfer of data, analytics or service design.

If necessary, we can implement all our services with hardened security solutions. Our production facilities are audited and offer a high level of security. Our processes are directed by the DevSecOps methodology, under which security and contingency considerations have been integrated into every part of our daily work.

High-security solutions

Digia Iiris – Comprehensive monitoring and a real-time situational overview

Digia Iiris is a solution for information system management and organisational overview. With Digia Iiris, you can monitor the status of your information systems in real time and respond to any problems that occur quickly with the help of predictive analytics.

Digia Majakka – Find vulnerabilities before they can be exploited

Digia Majakka is a service that searches systems for vulnerabilities. It allows for automatic and continuous scanning for vulnerabilities and offers its users processes and tools for repairing the vulnerabilities it finds. You can opt for Digia’s comprehensive service that includes recommended measures whenever new vulnerabilities are detected, as well as vulnerability repair services.

Digia Linja – Secure data transfer

Digia Linja is a gateway product that allows for secure data transfer. For public administration organisations, it allows for secure data transfer across different security levels. Digia Linja is also well suited for comparable uses in the private sector, such as traffic between different networks.