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Overview and monitoring services

When core operating processes are digitalised, the reliability of systems becomes increasingly important. At the same time, system environments are becoming more and more complex, so the need for system management and monitoring increases. Even a small malfunction in a digital service or background system can have a significant impact on your business and operations.

Operational reliability and monitoring

Monitoring made effortless

With versatile monitoring tools, it is possible to monitor individual services, entire environments, and business processes. An efficient monitoring service helps you react to deviations even before actual problems arise. When disturbances are detected and corrected in time, losses can be prevented.

A comprehensive, real-time overview of the operation of all digital services, IT systems and technologies provides important information for proactive maintenance, service and business development, and cost optimisation.

An overview of your entire system environment

We offer an overview and monitoring for all your services, systems, and technologies, as a service with a real-time, easy-to-understand view.

This solution is ideal for meeting the challenges of multi-vendor environments, as you get an overall picture of your entire system environment. You get a real-time view of your business processes, so you can detect deviations before actual problems arise.

Digia Iiris is a monitoring service developed in Finland

Digia Iiris is a monitoring service that allows you to monitor and track the functioning of applications, application and integration platforms, message traffic, website visitor traffic and the resources used by cloud services and traditional data centres. You get visibility into critical processes and technical monitoring with alarms and corrective measures. Digia Iris is easy to implement, and our experts will define and build a customised view for you.

We offer several ready-made service packages to meet your monitoring needs. If you cannot find a suitable solution among these, we’ll customise an optimal package for you.

Splunk provides data analytics on performance

Splunk brings visibility to the functioning of different systems and thus helps improve performance and enables smarter data utilisation and business development. Leveraging data from different sources becomes easier when all the data is compiled in a single user interface.

Splunk is available as an end-to-end service, as a service managed by you, or as a combination of the two. You have versatile possibilities to expand the service, from log management to monitoring (APM & Observability) and information security management.

Dynatrace enhances measurement and management of performance

Dynatrace is a scalable and intelligent DevSecOps, APM & Observability solution for monitoring modern cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid environments. With Dynatrace, organisations and application developers can see the impact of changes directly at code level. This helps in reacting to performance problems quickly and reliably.

The service also scans the applications in use and reports on detected vulnerabilities in information security, in order to ensure corrective measures are taken without delay. The service can assess the effects of problem situations and connections to publications, and solutions can even be automated.

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Ilkka Hopponen

Senior Manager, Secure and Scalable Solutions