Monitoring and service management

Ensure the functionality and continuous development of your services

It is essential for information systems and services to operate without disruptions so that no outages arise in customer service, production or other processes and areas such as information security are not compromised. However, continuity and operational reliability alone are not enough: the world is constantly changing, and systems and services must keep pace.

We can provide system and service monitoring and support, 24 hours a day if that is required. Our Finnish Service Center ensures comprehensive system maintenance and support from one point. In addition to preventing and resolving disturbances, the constant development of systems and services is essential to us.


Three ways of benefiting from Digia's service management

Service management

We offer support, monitoring and maintenance for your company’s systems in accordance with the agreed service level. Our service managers make sure that the services provided follow the SLA-agreements.

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SIAM partnership

If desired, you can outsource responsibility for managing a multi-vendor environment to our expert professionals.

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The Digia Iiris solution at your service

We provide comprehensive modern tools for status overview, monitoring and ensuring operability.

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Service management

Centralised point of contact

A one-stop-shop principle for customer service.

Fault management

Faults are rectified within the agreed service and response times.

Real-time documentation

Transparency for common activities.

Technological continuity and small-scale development

The system always remains up to date and develops further.


Proactive monitoring ensures that deviations are detected in time and a response can be initiated without delay and before the deviations have any visible impact.

Service request management

Standard tasks are handled within the agreed service and response times.

Operating services

Includes management of the platform and information security updates. Capacity services may be provided by Digia or a third party.



Digia Iiris

Digia Iiris is a Finnish service package that includes service management and monitoring solutions designed especially for a multi-vendor environment. It can also be tailored according to the customer’s requirements. Service packages with fixed pricing enable easy deployment.

Digia Iiris addresses the following needs:

Monitoring and status overviews of information systems

Monitor the status of your information systems in real time and intervene at an early stage in the event of problems with the help of analytics.

Centralised management of system and application logs

Centralised log management accelerates problem resolution and enables root-cause analysis. All logs are readily available, regardless of their source or format.

Centralised management of GDPR and audit trail logs

Transfer and store logs securely. The solution scales flexibly to your business needs. Retention period management can be adjusted with the desired precision.

Tracking of website and mobile app visitors

Visitor tracking based on cookies can rapidly detect problems experienced by end users, irrespective of the cause of the problem. Visitor tracking also functions as a tool for improving the content, attractiveness, marketing and usability of websites.

Message monitoring and analytics

Message monitoring enables you to monitor and analyse message processing events and provides you with an overview of the status of message traffic at a glance. The efficient search function enables you to delve into message details at field level.