Corporate responsibility

We are a responsible company, and this responsibility arises from our everyday choices. Responsibility is an element in our business success. We take account of the needs of both our most significant stakeholders and society as a whole. Digia’s material areas of corporate responsibility are anti-bribery and corruption, data security and protection, customers, taking care of employees, technological solutions, and taking environmental responsibility into consideration.

We want to create value for our stakeholders by engaging in responsible and profitable business. Profitable operations enable us to invest in business growth and provide our financial stakeholders with income.


The foundations of responsible operations

We regard corporate responsibility as a fixed aspect of our business, and seek to operate responsibly in all of our financial and social activities. Digia’s responsibility is based on our own Code of Conduct, the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) standards. However, in our changing business environment, responsibility is based above all else on the continual monitoring and improvement of our operations.


Digia's ethical policy

1. Compliance with laws

We act in accordance with laws. We do not condone or participate in illegal activities of any kind.

2. Third party rights

We honor the proprietary rights of others as expressed in patents, copyrights, trademarks and industrial designs.

3. No corruption or bribery

We do not tolerate corruption or bribery of any kind.

4. Information security

We protect the safety and security of all information, materials, and equipment in our possession, whether our own, our customers’ or our partners’.

5. Data privacy

We will protect the personal data of our employees, customers or partners. We comply with privacy laws and regulations when personal data is collected, stored, processed, transmitted or shared.

6. Working conditions

We respect internationally proclaimed human- and labor rights. We care for the wellbeing of our employees. We uphold a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

7. Care for the environment

We care for the environment. We encourage environmentally friendly solutions both in our business and in our working environment.

Each employee, regardless of their position in the organization, is expected to follow these guidelines and report any suspected violation. We also expect our subcontractors to follow these guidelines. 

Learn more about our code of conduct


We care for the environment

We care for our environment. We encourage environmentally friendly solutions both in our business and in our working environment.

We are aware and concerned of the welfare of the environment around us. We recognize the impact of our industry on the environment as well as the means to influence on the welfare of the environment. We shall take environmental issues into account in managing our operations, as part of decision-making process and developing and monitoring our processes.

We value our customers' environmental objectives and we cooperate with suppliers and customers to provide the services that help to reduce environmental impacts. We act in accordance with the laws of each country we operate in. We consider the welfare of the environment in terms of the physical environment in which we operate our use of the products and the knowledge and awareness of our employees.

Physical operating environment

We take into account energy and water saving opportunities in our offices as well as when renovating or planning new offices.

Procurement process, recycling and disposal

When faced with an option to choose between environmentally friendly and less friendly products, we shall prefer environmentally friendly products. We identify means to reduce the amount of office supplies and consumer goods and when applicable increase their reuse. We shall seek to recycle all recyclable materials in our offices, such as paper, cardboard, metals and organic waste. We shall seek environmentally acceptable disposal when recycling is not an option.

Employee awareness

We offer our employees the opportunity to manage their own environmental footprint. We use electronic means of communication such as e-mail, and video and telephone conference tools whenever it is appropriate to avoid unnecessary travel. When travelling we encourage to choose environmentally friendly options. We shall validate applicability of every initiative to reduce our impact on the welfare of the environment around us.


Ethical principles for utilising artificial intelligence

Digia is involved in the ethics challenge of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland’s Artificial Intelligence Programme in which companies commit to formulating ethical principles for the utilisation of artificial intelligence.

The utilisation of artificial intelligence in companies and society is increasing rapidly. The rapid development also raises fears and uncertainties concerning, for example, the fairness of the decisions made by artificial intelligence or the reliability of algorithms. That is why the Artificial Intelligence Programme draws attention to the ethics of artificial intelligence by challenging companies to get involved in the consideration of ethical principles.

Digia’s principles for the ethical utilisation of artificial intelligence are:

1. Openness and responsibility

We enable the assessment of the artificial intelligence we have developed by describing, together with our customers, what is the aim of the algorithms, what kind of material is collected and why.

2. Transparency

We are transparent in utilising artificial intelligence and enable the same for our customers. We support our customers in, among other things, determining the accuracy of the data on which artificial intelligence is based, tracing the grounds for decision-making and creating rules for the utilisation of artificial intelligence.

The rules can determine, for example, when artificial intelligence makes the actual decision and when it only supports people in decision-making with recommendations.

3. Assessability of impacts

We support our customers in the responsible utilisation of artificial intelligence and highlight the impact of choices related to our work.

4. Respect for privacy

We safeguard the privacy and personal data protection of the individuals represented in the data at our disposal in accordance with the information protection principles of our customer companies, partners and Digia as well as in compliance with the law.

By adhering to these principles, we support our customers in developing decision-making based on artificial intelligence so that it

  • does not threaten anyone's health or safety, individual data security and privacy protection
  • does not strengthen the structural inequalities in society
  • does not otherwise cause injustice, harm or suffering to individuals or groups of people.


Reporting misconduct


You may report any suspected instances of bribery or corruption, as well as any suspected misconduct relating to Digia’s insider regulation or the Market Abuse Regulation by filling the form below.

You may report anonymously if you wish. The notifications will be directed to Digia’s Legal department.