Digia Logistics

Domestically developed ERP system for logistics and forwarding companies

Growing international trade and increased flows of goods pose challenges to logistics and forwarding companies. The efficient supply of goods must be guaranteed even in a world of fragmented goods flows, complicated supply chains and faster pace of deliveries.

Digia Logistics is an ERP system designed for the needs of international logistics and forwarding companies. Thanks to its modular design, Digia Logistics can be scaled according to your business needs and includes only functions essential for you. Digia Logistics also includes a wide range of standard interfaces to allow easy integration with your and your partners’ systems.

All Digia Logistics modules are closely integrated. This maximises efficiency and minimises redundancies, such as the need to enter the same data multiple times. An integrated database solution also reduces the risk of errors in tasks such as invoicing, as the base data needed for invoicing are available directly from the system.

Digia Logistics modules

Transport management

The module allows you to manage shipments for distribution and collection and plan the use of transport equipment. The transport module is available for different modes of transport (road, plane, sea). A web-based extranet portal for use by customers and partners can also be linked to the module.

Terminal facility

The terminal facility module allows you to manage loading and unloading tasks at terminals, the temporary storage of goods and transport arrangements within Finland. The module generates cargo handling documentation compliant with Customs requirements.


The module offers tools and electronic interfaces for all forwarding systems used by public authorities. Possible changes in legislation will be updated to the system and tested by Digia in cooperation with authorities and customers. In addition to electronic interfaces, the module supports manual fallback procedures.

Port operations

Module is planned and implemented for the needs of port operators. With the help of this module you can control port entries including planned cargo information, port's material flows and storage, documenting of ship cargos as well as ship clearance.

External interfaces

Digia Logistics includes a standard interface for transferring information on commissions between Digia Logistics and the company’s main system. In addition, Digia Logistics provides comprehensive solutions for EDIFACT-based data transfer to customer and partner networks.

Invoicing and purchase invoices

The module contains the contract-based pricing of the provided forwarding services, the management and printing of sales invoices, and electronic invoices in FINVOICE or eINVOIC formats. The module offers ready interfaces for integrate with most financial administration systems on the market.


The module is designed specifically for the needs of companies providing storage hotel services. It allows management of warehouse inputs, stock balances and outputs individually for each customer.

Statistics, analysis

The module provides operational balance monitoring on the basis of project orders or billing codes. The module also includes solutions for interface integration with BI systems by third parties.

Customer relationship and contract management

The customer database in Digia Logistics contain basic company information and all code sets and identification information required in official procedures. Digia Logistics can function as either the master system for the customer database or integrate with the company’s main system.

The contract management module is used to manage shipping and forwarding contracts. The same data can be used to generate both contract documents and the base data for pricing in the invoicing module.