D365 Security

Enterprise resource management system for locking and security sector

Resource management is relevant for the company’s performance, service level and work turnaround.

Good enterprise resource management facilitates tendering and collecting data on actual performance, speeds up invoicing and improves tracking.

D365 Security is a solution implemented by Digia that is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system. D365 Security incorporates best practices of the locking and security sector taken into account in cooperation with industry operators.

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D365 Security

  • Fast and flexible cash register function
  • Mobile field tool for installers for work management
    • Electronic signature
    • Key transfer
  • Fast and reliable mass calculation of tender items
  • Data from completed jobs automatically to invoicing
  • Up-to-date inventory balances
  • Works everywhere and on all devices
  • Scales from a few to hundreds of users
  • The D365 Security solution can be supplemented with other Dynamics 365 applications, Microsoft Power Platform and Office 365