Microsoft Dynamics 365

Smart business applications in the cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides an end-to-end business solution from a single cloud, packaged as sales, service, marketing, finance and ERP applications. The solution enables the system to be built and expanded at a pace and sequence suitable for the company.

Digia as your partner

We are a recognised and trusted partner as a supplier of Microsoft solutions. As one of the largest Microsoft D365 suppliers in Finland, we have extensive experience in reconciling company processes and D365 business applications, and a reliable project delivery model for smooth cloud transitions.

We aim to find ready-made solutions for the business opportunities that our customers have identified and to actively deepen our understanding of the business of our customers.

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Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules





Comprehensive deliveries 

In addition to our expertise with Microsoft software, our strengths include Digia’s entire offering, encompassing several service areas such as digital services, integrations and analytics

We can offer extensive expertise in a scalable manner and in line with the needs of our customers. Below are a few examples where we've helped our customers succeed with the Microsoft product family and our other services:



Woikoski renewed its entire business

Woikoski worked with Digia to renew the company’s entire business by building a digital platform for it. This large-scale project included a new ERP, an IoT solution, data analytics and several other modern systems.

Woikoski began building a new digital platform with Digia. Together, they went through virtually all of Woikoski’s operations and processes. “You won’t find many corners of Woikoski that haven’t been renewed,” says Teija Hölttä, who led the project for Woikoski.

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Penope Oy modernises its business

Penope Oy decided to renew its system almost in its entirety in order to pave the way for digital development and business. Solutions from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product family were chosen for versatility and cohesion. Penope Oy wanted Digia as its supplier on the basis of the company’s strong showing and support capacity.

Penope Oy viewed the project as building the foundations of digitalisation and future business. “We obtained a technological foundation for business development. Thanks to Digia, we now have the technology stack in place.” comments Mika Heini, ICT Manager, Penope Oy

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Ramirent Finland’s entire business platform was overhauled

Digia carried through Ramirent Finland’s comprehensive ERP and financial management system overhaul. The enormous development project provided Ramirent with an efficient business platform that opened up a number of opportunities for developing business activities and digitalisation.

“This was a successful project. Digia’s consultants and developers always had a good sense and understanding of what needed to be done. They carried out the project in good cooperation with our project team”, says Mikael Kämpe, CEO, Ramirent Finland Ltd

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