A global cloud-based ERP solution for growth enterprises

The cloud is transforming business models and internal business practices by complementing existing services through device-independent self-service and engagement processes. Cloud-based business systems are especially appealing to companies who have a constant desire to proactively rethink and reshape their business even before possible cracks in the system start to appear.

The development of cloud technologies has lowered the threshold for SMEs acquiring ERP systems, which have often been seen as tools for big business owing to the lengthy and costly deployment projects they involve. Rolling out a cloud-based ERP system is notably more agile without the need for major investments in IT infrastructure. And when the administrative responsibility for an ERP system is transferred to the service provider, the acquisition of such a system becomes a much more viable proposition even for smaller-scale enterprises.

NetSuite is a genuinely cloud-based ERP system that is scalable to the international business needs. Its modularity allows you to build the right solution for your business. NetSuite includes financial management, customer relationship management, and project management solutions. Thanks to its role-based system, users are given a pre-defined profile view that only displays the essential elements for their particular role.

Digia as your NetSuite partner

With us, getting started with NetSuite projects is made easy. We help you choose the appropriate NetSuite solution for your business needs and we handle the system deployment and ongoing services.

We also offer extensive change management services and 24/7 support. By choosing us as your partner, you can also expand your NetSuite solution into areas such as analytics, mobile apps, IoT, or even machine learning.

Starting a NetSuite project with Digia

Digia’s advanced NetSuite solutions

As part of our efforts to ensure our customers' satisfaction, we have productised our own services that compliment the NetSuite business platform. We take full responsibility for maintaining and developing these productised services, taking into account both the principal's product development guidelines and any requests for changes from our customers.