Oracle NetSuite

A global cloud-based ERP solution for growth enterprises

Is your company a medium-sized group that is oriented towards growth and in the process of internationalisation? Does your company operate in industry, the service sector, the software business or wholesale? Then NetSuite is the right solution for you.


When our customers start their digital transformation, they are typically operating in a jungle of different systems – new systems have been acquired as the need arose, resulting in data that is scattered across several locations and a package that is very labour-intensive to manage.

Often, these processes are also manual and unreliable, which has a direct impact on the organisation’s service capability and profitability. NetSuite includes comprehensive solutions for all aspects of financial management, customer relationship management, production management and project management.

We are already working with customers in more than 10 countries.

Benefits of the platform

NetSuite is being used internationally by more than 26,000 customers, and the greatest advantages of the platform are its excellent scalability and exceptionally light upgrades. The system also provides inbuilt support for financial management in more than 100 countries and 27 user interface languages, including Finnish, Swedish and English.


Digia as your NetSuite partner



Your full-service digitalisation partner

We are your one-stop digitalisation partner from drafting your development map to providing comprehensive continuous services.

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Best expertise in Finland

Digia boasts some of Finland’s top expertise in industry, the service sector, the software business and wholesale. Your NetSuite project will be led by our certified professionals.


Comprehensive maintenance and further development services

We will remain partners even after the deployment phase, and our extensive service offering can support your company’s growth at every stage.


A few words from our customers:

Premix modernises its architecture with NetSuite

Premix, a leading producer of plastic raw materials, used NetSuite to replace a variety of ERP systems that served different functions. This was a necessary change, as Premix was seeking to become a data-driven organisation, and the consolidation of processes and systems at all of the company’s locations also generated cost savings.

NetSuite supports Premix’s objectives with regard to knowledge-based management, and the transformation will allow the company to automate certain routine tasks and proactively build systems that support future growth.

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NetSuite has been a good choice for us, and its scalability is a clear advantage for us. After a year of use, I can say that we’ve seen a large part of the planned and desired benefits.
Jan Järveläinen, Service Development Director, Premix Group



Easily adaptable to customers’ needs

Digia has an efficient deployment model and ready-made components that can be cost-effectively adapted to meet company-specific requirements.

Standardised solutions are available for functions such as: 

The most comprehensive standard solutions for transparent financial management in international organisations

  • Consolidated accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Production management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project management (resourcing, invoicing and monitoring)
  • Open APIs for interface integrations

Digia’s commercialised services

  • International e-invoicing and banking
  • Logistics management
  • Centralised order management for chains
  • An easy-to-use, graphical job queue management tool
  • Procurement; purchase invoice approval and recycling
  • Integrated webstore
  • Production-ready integrations into the travel invoice system
  • Data warehouse and advanced analytics


Support from an extensive partner network

We are able to support our financial partner network in a broad range of financial expert and outsourcing services. Our customers’ most typical needs relate to internationalisation, obtaining financing, and either wholly or partially outsourcing finance-related tasks. Through Digia’s recommended network, we are able to offer finance-related support in more than 126 countries. We are also able to provide our existing financial outsourcing partners with training in how to use NetSuite.