Cloud platforms

The foundation of innovation and scalable business

The comprehensive use of cloud platforms is the most effective way of improving your company’s productivity and competitiveness in digital business. In comparison to the traditional server centre model, cloud platforms offer far better reliability and security, more forward-looking platform services and development tools and scalable, cost-effective operating environments.

For many of our customers, the most practical solution is not to move all their operation and application environments to the cloud, at least not immediately. Our goal is to offer our customers the experience that best meets their needs, whether it is a single or multicloud model or a hybrid solution.

At Digia, we develop solutions as a close partner of leading cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services) and complement them with additional services such as cloud security, Digia Iris and the best open source code solutions.

We also offer transformation services to modernise our customers’ infrastructure, develop digital strategy and architecture, perform cloud migrations, build and operate DevOps environments and monitor, manage and further develop continuous services.


Digia as your cloud partner

Digia serves its customers at all levels of digital business from providing cloud capacity to architecture consulting, transformations, integrations, information security, software development, business systems, analytics and continuous services. The cloud is the production platform for all levels of digitalisation.

Digia does not operate its own data centres, allowing us to start from a clean slate when building the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs by using more forward-looking and well-suited technologies without being tied to a specific supplier or technology. The solution is often found in utilising both the customer’s own data centres and a public cloud, which are managed together as a whole.

Our services

New services and business in the cloud

The cloud provides a flexible platform for digital services and data storage and utilisation, as well as systems that control core processes.

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