ERP to support the multichannel service chain

ERP supports the entire multichannel service chain as well as improves the performance of operations. Improving competitiveness may not be enough to improve the efficiency of existing processes, but capacity must be created for new operating systems, for example in the management of operational activities, production and personnel. The ability to change for future needs requires flexible information systems.

Digia's ERP solutions ensure the reliability of operations and seamless customer experience.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a complete business solution from a single cloud packaged into sales, service, marketing, and ERP apps. The solution enables the construction and expansion of the system in the order and pace that suits your company.

Also, as a part of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering is Dynamics 365 Business Central, an easy-to-use financial and production management system for medium and growing businesses.

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From a patchwork of IT architecture to a unified Dynamics 365 Business Central

Unisport needed a unified and scalable business system to support the growth of its operations. With Digia, Unisport has introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, tailored to the company's needs.

"Now that the platform is technically in order, it is possible to start building something new on top of it and also optimise and develop the system further."

Marika Launonen, Head of IT, Unisport

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Digia Enterprise

Digia Enterprise is a Finnish scalable ERP solution developed to meet the needs of particularly Finnish companies. The system flexibly supports the needs and development of your business at different stages.

Digia Enterprise includes ready-made solutions for wholesale, food, machinery and industry needs. Digia Enterprise's satisfied users include diversified companies, small family businesses and everything in between.

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Flexible overall management keeps the wholesaler's finger on the pulse

Ahlström, supplier and importer of tableware, kitchenware and interior design solutions, renewed its ERP system. For a fast-paced wholesale sector, a smooth and adaptable ERP is needed to integrate the necessary additional services. E. Ahlström ended up in digia enterprise due to its versatility, among other things.

"The new ERP has brought us a huge amount of similarity and timely knowledge."

Petri Nupponen, CEO, E. Ahlström Oy

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NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP system that scales to international needs. The modular system enables you to build just the right solution for your company. NetSuite includes solutions for financial control, CRM and project management.

The NetSuite start-up packages we have developed for different industries enable cost-effective deployment, taking into account the specific needs of your organization's operating environment.

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NetSuite is the foundation of HY+ operations

HY+, provider of continuing education and development services, relies on NetSuite's solution to support both finances, project management and sales. When all the most important functions are focused on NetSuite, information moves and development efforts are easier to target where they are genuinely needed.

“In practice, NetSuite is the most important data source in our operations"

Mikko Kivekäs, Business Manager, HY+

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