Digia Envision

ERP system designed in Finland

Digia Envision is an ERP system that is developed and maintained in Finland. It is designed specifically for the needs of Finnish businesses. Our customers range from multi-sector conglomerates to small family-owned businesses and everything in between.


Digia Enterprise is now Digia Envision! 

Digia Enterprise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. At the same time, the product has undergone a major overhaul. In addition to the new name and logo, there are also new features that make the system easier to use.



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We are a proudly Finnish and customer-oriented enterprise resource planning system supplier. Our product development and services are close to the customer, and we are continuously improving the ERP features of Digia Envision together with our customers.

Our proximity and customer support in Finnish are important factors in our services to Finnish businesses. Our knowledge of the specific needs of Finnish organisations, combined with expertise in service design, is the key that allows us to continuously improve the user-friendliness of our ERP system. Digia Envision has also been awarded the Key Flag Symbol of Finnish origin.



Ready-made industry solutions quickly

Switching between ERP systems is a major undertaking that impacts on the entire organisation. Digia Envision is usually deployed and ready for use in 4 to 8 months, compared to 9 to 12 months in a conventional ERP project. Quick deployment is possible as the Digia Envision system is pre-adapted to different industries.

Digia Envision scales according to the size of the company and is suitable for many different lines of business.

Ready-made solutions for key industries:

  • Import and wholesale
  • Specialty stores
  • Piece goods manufacturing industry
  • Food industry
  • Professional kitchens


“Our daily production efficiency has improved considerably thanks to the modern ERP system.”
Jarno Kääpä, CIO, MP-Maustepalvelu Oy



What our customers say:

The ERP system in use at MP-Maustepalvelu improves the efficiency of daily routines and ensures the traceability of products

MP-Maustepalvelu develops and sells seasoning blends for the food industry. The company wanted to upgrade its ERP system to meet both legal requirements and production and productivity demands. The solution was Digia Enterprise, which has since been developed further in close cooperation with Digia.



Comprehensive features give your business the ability to operate with better efficiency


Role-based solutions on mobile and browser help direct and enhance the work and decisions of daily ERP users. Routine tasks are automated. The aim of using the system is to reduce manual workload and errors, as well as to improve the quality of work and standardisation of processes. Data visualisation brings vital information available to users in a graphical format.

Thanks to comprehensive mobile services, the ERP system can be used anywhere on any device, including warehouse employees, purchase invoice reviewers and maintenance supervisors.

Everything you need in one package

Digia Envision covers the company's order and supply chain, production and customer management. In addition:

  • Extensive warehouse management system (WMS) functionalities embedded as part of ERP.
  • Real-time financial management that covers needs from consolidated accounting to multi-business processing.
  • The solution has separate, productised modules for service, maintenance, quality and self-monitoring management.



Tools for building a greener world 

In addition to customer focus and Finnish design, the development of Digia Envision emphasises green values. Management of the company’s operations and resource use takes into account the minimisation of the carbon footprint of operations.

The ERP system collects data on all aspects of your company’s daily operations, from production volumes and supply chains to the use of raw materials. ERP data can be a valuable source of information that supports both the monitoring of the current state of affairs and development of operations.




What our customers say: 

100-year-old company Lojer Oy has relied on the Digia Enterprise ERP system since 2011. Lojer Oy needed an ERP system for operating its business in Finland and Sweden. In addition to the system, Digia's solution included three webshops that serve Lojer's customers even better than before.

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Digia Envision as a multi-channel business platform


Multi-channel ERP is as part of your company’s ecosystem of processes, with control, management and monitoring of non-conformities either real-time or at set intervals.

Both the company’s in-house and external integrations can use Digia's powerful integration products and range of ready-made and productised APIs. This provides a flexible and scalable way to connect systems, processes and data streams both within the company and with other businesses.