Mobile services

We bring your services to where your customers are

How many times a day do you pick up your phone? Quite a few. Communication, shopping, tickets, inventory entries – mobile applications are an integral part of our daily lives, and even you probably have an app we built in your pocket.

Mobile first

Customers have gone mobile, which means your business has gone mobile. Mobile is no longer an additional service – it is now usually your customers’ primary channel to you. With its customer-oriented implementation, Digia helps ensure that you reach your customers and that your business gains the full benefits mobile services offer.

Below the surface

Mobile applications are like the peak of the digitalisation iceberg – they are the part of your digital presence that people see every day, but they cannot function without systems and integration that connect them to your processes. Digia is the partner that manages all this for you.

Twenty-four hours

To claim a place in customers’ everyday lives and ensure they return to your app again and again, your app must be usable at any time. Digia ensures that your mobile services are always up and remain reliable – 24/7 if necessary.

Tickets available when you need them – HSL’s app supports travel 24/7

HSL’s mobile app has cemented its position as one of Finland’s most popular apps and has become a central part of HSL’s digital business. Digia is the app’s principal developer. In addition, we ensure the functionality of HSL’s digital services through service management and monitoring solutions. 

  • The app has been downloaded more than two million times.
  • It has approximately one million active users.

"The principle is that the app provides customers with everything they need to use public transport. We want to offer a complete service in an easy-to-use, well-functioning and personalised package", says Concept Owner Timo Kiiveri of HSL.

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At best, more than 120,000 tickets are sold on the app every day. The fact that the service truly works is really essential for all of us.

Timo Kiiveri, Concept Owner, HSL


Eckerö Line-kuva.png



Effortless travel – the mobile application replaces the cabin key  


Eckerö Line is devoted to the long-term development of its digital services and customer experience. In addition to developing its webstore, Eckerö Line published a mobile application developed in cooperation with Digia, and the application’s role as part of the customer experience will be expanding in the future.

The mobile application is available in Finnish, Estonian, Swedish and English. On the technical side, it is natively implemented for Android and iOS platforms and operates in Google’s cloud environment.

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Our goal is to make the customer’s experience as effortless and simple as possible at every turn. Digital services are part of this.

Ida Toikka-Everi, Marketing and Communications Director, Eckerö Line



What’s happening in ice hockey today? The Liiga app has everything a hockey fan needs

The Liiga app is the easiest way for hockey fans to follow their hockey club’s news, game schedule and statistics. For clubs, the app is a way to create a deeper relationship with fans through comprehensive communications and additional services.

A common app platform on which clubs could build their own mobile apps as desired was also built for Liiga, and more than a dozen mobile apps have already been created using the one template.

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The app works well and is easy to use. It may therefore appear simple. But there’s a complex package working in the background – one that includes many systems and their integrations.

Antti-Jussi Aro, Chief Digital Officer, Liiga


How we implement mobile solutions 

1. Starting with a business objective

Mobile solutions must have a clear business role and objectives. Knowing the operating environment and the market provides your project and mobile app with a strong basis for success. We also work under the surface – our strong integration expertise supports your business by making it possible to integrate mobile solutions into your various business systems.

2. Thinking about the user

Business objectives can only be achieved if users adopt the app. Who is the app designed for and why is it valuable to them? Understanding your customers is an important starting point. 

  1. From planning to further development

We offer a comprehensive service from user-oriented development to implementation, maintenance and further development.

4. Various implementation alternatives

Several factors carry weight when choosing the implementation method and technology for a mobile app: development speed, special features, abundant use of animation and opportunities for further development. Another relevant aspect is the extent to which you will utilise the various features of the platform.

We utilise the following technologies:

  • Native application development technologies for Kotlin, Android and Swift iOS
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • PWA