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Comprehensive solutions based on Microsoft technologies

Microsoft has been one of Digia’s key partners for more than a decade. We offer our customers comprehensive solutions based on Microsoft’s technologies.

The partnership is directed and actively developed within the framework of Microsoft’s partnership program so that we can offer our customers a selection of solutions that is as complete, comprehensive and updated as possible.

Digia’s Gold competences are focused on application development, portal technologies, cloud technologies, CRM and ERP. In addition, Digia deepens the partnership by raising its Silver competences to the Gold level and aiming to achieve completely new competences.

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Advanced cloud solutions through Digia and AWS partnership

AWS has been a cloud solutions platform partner for Digia for many years. Our AWS services cover the customer's entire cloud journey from creating a strategy to architecture, migrations, modernisations and continuous services.

Digia has approximately 100 certified AWS experts in Finland and the number continues to grow rapidly. Digia is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and we have for example Well Architected, AWS Public Sector and AWS Solution Provider qualifications, so we have the latest information, full partner support and are able to help our customer base across the service portfolio.

AWS's leading technology portfolio enables the production of advanced cloud solutions for Digia's entire customer base. We have delivered dozens of solutions based on AWS technologies to our customers in both the public and private sectors.

Examples of our AWS-based solutions we have made for our customers include A-lehdet, Liiga (the Elite League), Stockmann and Finavia.

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Deep industry-specific expertise is at the core of Digia and IBM’s partnership

IBM has been Digia’s technology partner for over a decade. Digia is IBM’s Gold Business Partner, which means that it has demonstrated superior expertise and success in providing solutions.

IBM’s technology is applied in multichannel electronic service solutions, added value integration products and services as well as industry-specific solutions that support business, for example.

In total, Digia has more than 100 integration experts, over 30 certificates for IBM’s integration tools (such as Broker, IIB, MQ and DataPower) as well as several experts in the following areas: Cast Iron, API Management, BPM and MQ MFT. We have strong expertise in combining integration work and the DevOps operating model in a multi-provider environment while taking account of the operating models and procedures the customer already uses.


Flexibly developed modern solutions the common goal of partnership 

Progress has been Digia’s technology partner in different product groups for more than 20 years. The Elite-level partnership is based on close cooperation, the developing know-how of Progress and the delivery of successful solutions. In Finland, Digia produces agile business-critical solutions with the help of more than 100 experts from Progress.

Utilising the contemporary technology solutions of, e.g., the Progress OpenEdge and Kendo UI product families enables us to keep our software as modern service packages that are compliant with the ever-changing requirements of operating environments and support operational business.


K4 Analytics

K4 Analytics, a privately held Irish software vendor, is the developer of K4 Analytics, the first multi-platform solution to easily add rich data-entry and write-back to Business Intelligence and Analytics software. Through a worldwide network of highly qualified partners, K4 Analytics delivers a new agile and disruptive approach to the worlds of Analytics and Corporate Performance Management.





Optimizely software can be used to integrate a content-based online service and online store into a customer service package that supports business. Optimizely CMS is particularly well-suited to be used as a web publishing systems of large, communication online services, with comprehensive digital marketing features for optimising the content, effectiveness and productivity of online services.

Optimizely Commerce is an e-commerce system, which seamlessly integrates with the Optimizely CMS web publishing system. It helps to implement content-based online stores, which streamline and improve the entire sales process and are available to all terminal devices.



Magento – the most advanced e-commerce platform in the world

Magento is the most advanced e-commerce platform in the world. It is the perfect e-commerce solution for companies that are looking to make the most of their online channels. The Magento package contains peerless features spiced by superior support and virtually unlimited flexibility.

We are a Magento Enterprise-level partner and the first official partner in Finland. Magento is the world’s fastest growing e-commerce platform, used by some of the best-known brands in the world. We offer the entire Magento product family: Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition.

The platform is globally used by such names as The North Face, Gant, Fred Perry, Jack Wolfskin, Jack Russell, Skype, Samsung, Toms, Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Yves Rocher, MyDeco, Björn Borg, Villeroy & Boch and Rovio (the Angry Birds online shop).



inRiver – efficient management of your product information

inRiver designs and develops software that makes high-quality product data management easier, faster and more cost-effective. inRiver is an aggressively-growing Swedish company, said to be part of the “Swedish Silicon Valley”. Through diligent work, inRiver has gained its position as a leading Product Information Management software company. 

We are a certified inRiver partner in Finland. A leading PIM provider, inRiver provides new-generation product management systems for multi-channel business.


RichRelevance - intelligent personalisation

RichRelevance is a global market leader in intelligent personalisation whose customers include some of the world’s leading online stores. Based on ‘the utilisation of collective intelligence’, the product empowers you to increase the average sales of your online store and to improve the personalised customer experience. Independently of a platform, of course.

We are a trusted RichRelevance partner in Finland. We know the RichRelevance technology and functionalities better than anyone in this country. To this date, we have carried out several successful projects using RichRelevance technologies.



Other partners

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