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Digia begins international collaboration with Arbit Cyber Defence Systems

Digia has made a collaboration agreement with Arbit Cyber Defence Systems, a Danish company. One of the main goals of this agreement is to strengthen the possibilities of NATO interoperability in the Nordics. The collaboration is one strand in Digia’s endeavor to expand its defence business, for which the company also established an entirely new unit in the spring. The partnership with Arbit will strengthen the capabilities of Digia’s existing services for the defence and security sectors.

"We have very strong expertise and an excellent service offering for the defence and security sector, and we are actively driving this growth by means such as new partnerships. The collaboration with Arbit will strengthen the features of our existing products and open the door to entirely new opportunities for us", says Jussi Tammelin, Director of Digia’s Defence unit.

The Danish company Arbit Cyber Defence Systems delivers certified world class Cross Domain Cyber security technologies to Defence, Government, Intelligence and Police agencies throughout Europe and more.  In the first phase, the Arbit’s Data Diode solution will be used in combination with Digia’s Linja product for transfers of classified material between different information security categories. 

"The integration of Arbit capabilities will together enable us to offer our customers a comprehensive solution for secure data transfer, including first and second level support. We will have a more extensive set of options available to us, and we will also manage service entities ourselves more effectively than before. Furthermore, Arbit’s solution is accredited NATO Cosmic Top Secret, which will also open up new opportunities for international collaboration", says Aki Martti, Product Manager of the Linja product at Digia. 

Arbit´s Founder and CEO Rasmus Borch emphases that capable and experienced integrators like Digia is an excellent match for Arbit. 

"As Arbit’s sole focus is to develop cutting edge Data Diodes and Gateways we want long term partners that will give us national presence in Finland. This brings further possibilities in the Scandinavia and Baltic region where Governments and MoD’s faces the same security challenges of collaboration and secure data exchange between different national and NATO networks", he says.

Nordic cooperation to promote international security

International cooperation to promote security is a highly topical issue. Tuija Karanko, Secretary General of the Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries, considers the example set by Digia and Arbit as a great demonstration of Nordic cooperation and hopes that such cooperation will be long-lived.

"We aim to promote cooperation in the defence sector, as well as exports. The collaboration between Digia and Arbit is a tangible example of this", says Karanko.

The security environment in Europe has deteriorated this year according to Joachim Finkielman, Director of the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association. This calls for closer cooperation and intensified work to uphold the safety and security especially in the cyber domain. 

"I congratulate Digia and Arbit on the result. This collaboration is hopefully one out of many tracks to be explored in the future. We are fully committed to finding Nordic solutions for todays and tomorrows security challenges", says Finkielman.

Further information:

Jussi Tammelin                    
Director, Defence, Digia Plc         
tel. +358 50 574 6570                 

Aki Martti
Product Manager, Digia Plc
tel. +358 40 7333 505

Kasper Gubi
Sales Manager, Arbit
tel. +45 41 78 30 21

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