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Responsible use of data, carbon neutrality and digital expertise – Digia revises its principles of corporate responsibility

In working with our customers, we promote the secure and sustainable digitalisation of society. Our revised principles of corporate responsibility broaden our sustainability reporting and offer a clear roadmap for the development of sustainability.

The world around us is going digital at a rapid pace. While digital solutions make daily life easier in many ways, they also raise questions about information security and the ethical use of data, for example. IT companies play a key role in promoting responsible digitalisation. At the same time, the sector is and will continue to be an important employer.

In late 2020, Digia carried out a project with the aim to define our corporate responsibility and update the key principles, goals and KPIs of corporate responsibility. In the project, we asked our various stakeholders, such as customers, investors and employees, for their views and expectations on responsibility.

“Digia carries out extensive customer projects in both the public sector and businesses in different industries. In this way, we understand our impact on the daily lives of people and the responsibility that follows from this. Sustainability and its development is a natural part of our Next Level strategy. Thanks to the development project and our revised priorities of corporate responsibility, we are able to make sustainability a more concrete part of our daily operations, both on the company level and in the work of each Digia employee,” says Timo Levoranta, CEO of Digia.

Corporate responsibility in three areas

The main themes of Digia’s corporate responsibility are divided into three main themes, each with its own goals and KPIs:

1. Sustainable digital value for our customers while building a functional society

Digia aims to act as a technological pioneer whose products and services promote the development and wellbeing of society and the environment.

2. Sustainable digital expertise for both our personnel and Finland as a whole

Digia aims to be a desired employer in the technology sector. We want the value of our employees’ expertise to increase during the employment relationship. We are also working to reinforce technological expertise in society in general.

3.Sustainable digital life in our own work with respect for the environment

Digia wants to provide a safe and healthy working environment in which everyone is valued as themselves. Our goal is for Digia to be among the best in the sector in workplace wellbeing. We also aim to ensure diversity and inclusivity at all levels of our organisation. We look after the environment and take the environmental impacts of our business into account in our own operations and supply processes.

We report our results yearly in connection with our annual report. Read more about the results in our Annual Report >>

The greatest impact comes through our customers – concern about the climate is also reflected in our principles

In order for corporate responsibility measures to produce effective results, they must be targeted at the issues that have the greatest impact. At Digia, we have set our sustainability priorities and goals based on the impact they have in our daily lives and interactions with customers.

“Our society is going digital at a rapid pace. What kinds of systems and services will the future society be built on? Are they secure? Is their data sufficiently protected? Are the services accessible, and do they take the needs of different users into account? We believe this to be one of Digia’s greatest opportunities for making a difference: through our customers, we promote the secure and sustainable digitalisation of society,” says Levoranta.

While digitalisation is transforming modes of operation, it is also changing how we work and the content of our work. As new kinds of skills are needed, schools and institutions are not always able to respond to the demands of a changing working life quickly enough. For this reason, Digia trains new digital experts every year for our own needs and those of the sector as a whole.

“Alongside these issues, climate change is a threat that is too large to be ignored. We have previously developed our operations to be more sustainable by investing in hardware recycling and the energy solutions of our offices, for example. Now, we have set the goal for Digia to become a carbon neutral company,” says Levoranta.

“Our main method to achieve this is to cut back emissions, but we have also compensated the emissions from our operations in 2020 in order to achieve carbon neutrality already this year. As compensation, we have funded peatland restoration efforts in Finland through the Hiilipörssi service. The funds will be used to restore about 9 hectares of peatland in Piitsonsuo in North Karelia.”

Learn more about Digia’s sustainability on our website >>

Check out the results of our sustainability focus areas in our Annual Report >>

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Head of Marketing and Communications
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