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Walki’s drive for global change towards a zero waste future is aided by a new system supplied by Digia

Walki chose Digia as its partner for a major system reform that aims to implement Walki’s processes as end-to-end processes from order to delivery through a single system. The new system is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, complemented by an industry solution. A new kind of transparency into the operation of global networks supports Walki in its goal to promote energy efficiency and a zero waste future for the packaging industry.

Walki is a Finnish-based, international packaging industry company focusing on consumer and industrial packaging and engineered materials. Walki has production facilities in several European countries and in Asia as well as sales offices and agents on virtually every continent. When including Walki’s global network of subcontractors, suppliers and retailers, the number of individual operators is numbered in the hundreds in dozens of countries.

The aim of the large-scale system reform is to gain improved global visibility into the entire network by designing processes to be handled end-to-end from order to delivery through the same system. Thanks to the single system, data is also more easily accessible and usable, which facilitates reporting and speeds up decision-making. Among other benefits, demand forecasting will become more accurate and the flexibility of supply chains will improve.

“We believe that the new system will bring many benefits, from increased operational efficiency right down to the quality of deliveries and products and user experience,” says Hannu Pääkkönen, ICT director of Walki.

New digital platform supporting the energy efficiency of the entire ecosystem

The principles of sustainable development and environmental responsibility are central to Walki’s operations. The new system supports Walki’s strategic goals, such as the provision of energy and material efficient solutions for customers.

“Our goal is to accelerate the global change towards a zero waste future for the packaging industry and to promote the use of energy-efficient materials in all industries. The new system supports us in this work," Pääkkönen says.

The solution is designed around the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, complemented by an industry solution tailored for the packaging material industry. In addition, delivery includes the system’s integration and deployment in Walki’s production facilities worldwide. Digia is also responsible for providing maintenance for the system.

Digia delivers the solution together with its partners COSMO CONSULT and Pipol. COSMO CONSULT implements functionalities for the Microsoft-based Print and Packaging solution for order processing, product management and material handling. Pipol serves as international implementation partner and ensures that national laws and standards are implemented in Walki’s system solution in a manner that is compatible and conforms to requirements. In addition, Pipol assists with on-site deployments at different production facilities.

“With this delivery, Digia will become a key supplier of ERP systems for Walki. Naturally, we are very happy about the collaboration. At Digia, we believe that value creation is shifting increasingly to digital ecosystems. Walki is a good example of this trend: digitalising processes in a unified manner improves the transparency and efficiency of global networks.  We are excited about the opportunity to design a system that will benefit Walki’s entire ecosystem,” says Jukka Kotro, Senior Vice President at Digia.

More information:

Hannu Pääkkönen, ICT director
tel. +358 400 696 657

Jukka Kotro, Senior Vice President, Business Platforms
tel. +358 400 497 886

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