A functional digital system is built by
taking into account all layers of digitalisation.


Customer understanding and business benefits 

Technical solutions are always made for people. Our business consulting and service design experts will help you take advantage of the potential of digitalisation in a customer-oriented manner. We make sure that the customer experience in your different service channels looks and feels good – and you get genuine business benefits from digitalisation. 

Efficient and data-driven services 

We implement services that are based on customer understanding, data-controlled and provenly successful. The most important thing is that they certainly work. This is ensured by seamlessly building services from the company's operational systems. 

Value from data 

We help our customers utilise data from business planning to technical implementation. Data helps not only to understand, but also to predict business development. It makes it possible to develop new services and renew the business. We build integration capabilities and platform solutions to make the data available. 

Business systems supporting everyday processes 

Whether it's an ERP system that runs the company's core processes, a CRM system that enhances sales and customer service, or financial management, Digia's solutions help you get your business enablers in order. We deliver the solutions into an environment of our customer’s choosing. 

Maintenance, continuous development and security 24/7 

Service management ensures that information systems remain in order, the customer receives support quickly and proactively prepares for disruptions. With snapshot views, monitoring functionality is effortless. We also ensure that critical solutions and services also work in exceptional situations and are built to withstand cyberattacks. 


Scalability from networks

Strengthening from international partners

Whenever necessary, we strengthen our teams with international experts through our partners. This ensures that our customers always have the best expertise available to them – even when it is necessary to increase the size of a team on a short schedule, for example. Our main partner is Fulcrum Digital.


Digia Hub – A freelancer network at your service

Digia Hub is a growing network of top IT professionals, including more than 2,000 freelancers in Finland and 10,000 experts in Europe through partners. Through this network, you will always have access to the best expertise for both shorter and longer commissions, whether in software development, architecture or user interface design, testing or project management.

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