Our software and services help to build a smoother digital world
for all of us, on all levels of society, every day.

One of our major assets is our profound knowledge and understanding of the core processes of various organisations, and of the supporting operational systems and integrations. Our digital business services give us a bigger role in our customers’ value chains. Our service model also includes consultancy, service design, development partnerships, and life-cycle services.

Develop ideas and conceptualise

Together with you, we design customer encounters that create a competitive advantage 

Our consulting and conceptualisation services can assist you, regardless of whether you are looking for a partner for developing a service concept or service processes, reaching new customer groups, or ensuring customer commitment by developing customer encounters. In our consulting and conceptualisation service, ideas and visions are refined into a concrete development plan and a testable prototype. We design with you the service’s goals, content, structure, user interface and visual appearance – everything starts from the users of your service and the needs of your operation.

  • Development consulting
  • Preliminary study
  • Service design
  • Conceptualisation
  • Service architecture design



Try and test

Only the services that function well in day-to-day work and that the users love are worth implementing.

Knowledge of the users and the operating environment is key to creating a successful service. We carry out user studies and test the usability of your new service concept and the demand for it. If necessary, we build a functional prototype that concretises your ideas and service concept in weeks. We identify development areas and help you in tackling them. By involving the users of the service in the design and testing, we ensure their commitment to the service. 

  • User study
  • Prototype testing


Build and develop

Agility and a comprehensive approach from a Finnish partner

The certified methods and processes guarantee the quality of all of our implementations, from specification to maintenance. The delivery model is always agreed on a customer-specific basis. Our customers praise our speed and agility.  Implementations can either be built in the customer’s environment, delivered from a cloud or implemented as a controlled combination of the two. We also offer a comprehensive service partnership in which you can outsource the maintenance and development of the systems to us in their entirety.


  • Requirement and functional specification
  • Graphic and user interface design
  • Designing the system and application architecture
  • Off-the-shelf solutions
  • System integrations
  • Implementation
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Training and deployment
  • Application management
  • Support and maintenance
  • Further development services



Measure and manage

Develop your operations and services based on information

With our information utilisation services, you can make the information accumulating in the systems work for you in management and decision-making. By utilising analytics and usability testing, you can gather information on the users of your services and on whether your service operates in accordance with the goals set for it. We also help you to measure customer encounters and improve customer understanding through continuous customer listening and dialogue. You can make your business even more profitable, effective and measurable. 

  • Analysis
  • Web analytics
  • Feedback management
  • Usability testing

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