Corporate governance

Digia's corporate governance is based on the Finnish Companies Act, Securities Market Act, general recommendations on corporate governance, the company's Articles of Association and in-company rules and regulations on corporate governance. The Company adheres to the Finnish Corporate Governance Code issued by the Securities Market Association on 1 January 2016.

Based on integrity, accountability, fairness and transparency, Digia's corporate governance principles are reflected in the following statements of intent:

  • The company complies with the applicable laws and rules and regulations
  • The company organises, plans and manages its operations, and does business abiding by the
  • applicable professional requirements approved by Board members, who demonstrate due care and responsibility in performing their duties
  • The company demonstrates special prudence with respect to the management of its capital and assets
  • The company's policy is to keep all market participants actively, openly and equitably informed of its businesses and operations
  • The company's management, administration and personnel are subject to the appropriate internal and external audit and supervision


Corporate Governance Statement

As required by the Securities Market Association, Digia annually publishes a statement about its corporate governance and guidance system.