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Digia combines technological possibilities and human capabilities to build intelligent business society and a sustainable future. We ensure that our customers are at the forefront of digital evolution, with an operational model and rhythm that are right for them. We harness Digia’s well-rounded expertise and comprehensive offering as well as operational models that suit the customer’s needs. We constantly renew our own operations and expertise, and work with reliable partners. As a versatile company, Digia can offer its employees meaningful job tasks and new things to learn. We are building a responsible society and Digia.

   Stock Exchange Release 10.2.2023: Digia updates its strategy and financial objectives for the 2023-2025 period


Strategy growth paths

1. Specialised service areas 

Precision solutions delivered using a model suitable for customers. We are expanding our customer relationships into deeper partnerships, harnessing all of Digia’s diverse offering and expertise. 

2. Large scale solutions

Extensive and demanding solution packages in which we utilise all of Digia’s extensive offering, from project deliveries to outsourcing.

3. Acquisitions

Enriching our offering and venturing into new markets and customer relationships by being an active player in M&A transactions.

4. International operations

Expanding our target market and customer relationships.

Strategy enablers

A modern and attractive work community

Skilled employees are the most important success factor for Digia. Continuous growth is part of the personal and professional development of each and every Digia employee. We invest in our learning-focused, professional and relaxed culture. We want our employees to enjoy working at Digia. Hybrid work, smart ways of working and tools help us to succeed together.

Scalability and productivity

We invest in scalability and productivity in both our own operations and the solutions we provide for customers.  In our own operations, productivity development is based on the continuous renewal of working methods, intelligent technology platform that supports them, and harnessing Digia-level synergies. In customer solutions, we focus on increasing scalability in our service and product solutions. We scale our expertise through our Digia HUB network.


Responsibility is part of our day-to-day operations. Our corporate responsibility is based on the UN Global Compact principles and objectives. The essential focus areas in our corporate responsibility (environment, people and trusted partner) will remain the same. We also see the green transition and solving of sustainability challenges as business opportunities. We are ambitiously seeking to do even better in all subareas of responsibility improving on our already good baseline situation.

Objectives for the 2023–2025 strategy period

Financial objectives

  • Net sales growth: over 10 per cent annually, including organic and inorganic growth 
  • Operating profit (EBITA): over 12 per cent of net sales at the end of the strategy period

Expanding our international business

  • Our aim is that international business will account for over 15 per cent of net sales at the end of the strategy period. 

Sustainability objectives

  • Environment – carbon neutrality: CO2 emissions -60 %* 
  • People – healthy, diverse and skilled personnel: eNPS +35 %**
  • Trusted partner – a visionary, reliable and secure partner: NPS +25 %**

*CO2 – the comparison year in emissions calculations is 2019, desired value at the end of the year 2025
**eNPS (employee net promoter score) and NPS (customer net promoter score) – the comparison year is 2022