CEO's review

Digia's CEO Timo Levoranta

Last updated: 22.2.2021 

An excellent year in spite of the exceptional circumstances

In spite of the unexpected changes in our business environment, we managed to safeguard the continuity of our customers’ services and our personnel’s employment, as well as to renew our strategy. Our net sales grew by 5.5% and our operating profit (EBITA) improved by 45.4%.

2020 was exceptional in many respects. The coronavirus changed our business environment in the early year, and Digia personnel spent almost the entire year working remotely. Our organisation demonstrated its strength in these exceptional times, and we have not only maintained our ability to operate but also developed our operations during the past year. In spite of the uncertain market situation, our net sales rose and our profitability improved. This gives us a good foundation for future growth.

The importance of responsible operations was highlighted during 2020. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we ensured that our customers’ services continued to operate without interruption and that our personnel could work safely. We also developed our corporate responsibility and updated its focal points.

At the beginning of the year, we published our Next Level strategy, which revolves around the smart utilisation of data in services and business processes. All companies and public-sector actors are facing a learning journey in terms of the development of both operating culture and
technological solutions. Digia is a visionary and reliable partner to our customers on this journey.

In line with our strategy, in 2020 we invested in developing both our operations and our personnel’s competence. We have, for instance, developed remote management by coaching our supervisors and project managers on questions concerning leadership during the pandemic. In accordance with our cultural principles, we constantly provide a wide variety of training for our personnel.

The continual development of our operating models is part of our strategy. As part of this, we launched a project to modernise our own business platform. This modernisation seeks to support Digia’s growth, data utilisation capabilities, operational efficiency and the smooth running of daily life. We started planning the project during 2020.

Over the course of the year, we strengthened our position with two strategic acquisitions. In October, we expanded the Digia Hub (our network of freelance developers) via the acquisition of NSD Consulting. In December, we signed an agreement to acquire Climber International AB, a company that specialises in business analytics. The transaction was completed on 7 January 2021.

At Digia, we believe in a world where business value is created by using data intelligently in digital ecosystems. We are a responsible and visionary partner to our customers in this world.

I would like to thank our customers, personnel, partners and other stakeholders for their responsible business activities in 2020. We have a firm foundation for moving our business to the next level.

President & CEO Timo Levoranta

Timo Levoranta
President & CEO