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Acquisitions and divestments

Acquisitions since 2016


Company Year Company description Net sales Link to the release
Top of Minds AB 2023 Swedish IT consulting and service company that provides customers with high-quality services for data and analytics consulting, integrations, e-commerce, and project management. For the financial period ended on 31 August 2023: 114.1 MSEK (~10.1 MEUR) Press release
Avalon Oy 2022 Comprehensive digital marketing and customer experience development services based on the utilisation of data and analytics. 2021: ~2.4 MEUR Press release
Productivity Leap Oy 2022 IT consulting services with a focus on knowledge management, low-code, integration and robotics services, as well as tailored application development. 2021: ~5.5 MEUR Press release
MOST Digital Oy & MOST Digital Sweden AB 2022 Continuous Robotics as a Service solutions for business process automation built on top of an open-source platform, developed in house. 2021: 2.8 MEUR Press release
Solasys Oy 2021 Data management expert specialising in providing ERP system services, BI solutions, reporting systems and related expert services. For the financial period ended on 30 June 2021: 1.28 MEUR Press release
Climber International AB 2021 Swedish company that provides consulting and solutions for the development of data-driven business. 2019: 137.7 MSEK (~13.4 MEUR) Stock exchange release
NSD Consulting Oy 2020 Company specialised in demanding full-stack software development, particularly in Java and .NET environments. A network of more than 1,600 freelance professionals plays a key role in NSD’s business. 2019: 3.51 MEUR Press release
Accountor Enterprise Solutions Oy 2019 Company specialised in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle NetSuite solutions. 2018: 12.7 MEUR Stock exchange release
Starcut Oy 2019 Company specialised in developing mobile services. For the financial period ended on 31 August 2018: 1.28 MEUR Press release
Mavisystems Oy and subsidiary Mirosys Oy 2018 Companies specialised in demanding Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems and CRM solutions. 2017: 3.2 MEUR Press release
Avarea Oy 2018 Company specialised in advanced analytics solutions. 2017: 3.6 MEUR Press release
Integration House Oy 2017 Company specialised in integrations. 2017: 1.8 MEUR Press release
Omni Partners Oy and subsidiary Nord Software Ltd 2017 Companies specialised in customised solutions, based on open source technologies, for online and mobile communications services and e-services. 2016: 3.85 MEUR Press release
Igence Oy Ab 2016 An expert company in online stores and product information management. 2015: 2.26 MEUR Press release


Divestments since 2016


Operations Year Buyer Transferring employees Link to the release
Local support business in Rauma 2020 Vakka-Suomen Puhelin 4 News