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Business model

Digia’s business consists of four specialised service areas that produce IT solutions. We deliver precise solutions using a model suitable for customers, and expand customer relationships into deeper partnerships by utilising Digia’s extensive offering and expertise.

Our services cover not only project business but also service and maintenance business, which enables long-term and evolving customer relationships as well as steady revenue. The large share of service and maintenance business (56.0% in 2023) brings stability to the business and protects Digia from market fluctuations.


Digia's service areas

Digital Solutions: Intelligent solutions for customer experience and data utilisation

Digital Solutions provides our customers with comprehensive digital services for developing intelligent business and enhancing their customer experience. Key areas include a variety of data utilisation solutions, customer relationship management, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, versatile online and mobile services, and the digital marketing, service design and business services provided by the Avalon unit.

Business Platforms: Versatile and comprehensive ERP solutions

Business Platforms provides our customers with versatile and comprehensive solutions for intelligent enterprise resource planning in which systems, processes and data flows are connected in a single, reliable, data-driven package. Our offering comprises Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, Oracle NetSuite and our own Digia Envision ERP product (which has been awarded the Key Flag symbol).

Financial Platforms: Service and system packages for fund management companies, asset managers and stockbrokers

Financial Platforms provides versatile system packages for customers in the financial sector. Our business revolves around the Digia Financial Systems product family (DiFS), which is one of the most extensive financial systems for fund management companies, asset managers and brokers in the Nordic countries. DiFS also includes comprehensive account and loan functionalities for banks and lenders. We also provide the necessary back-office functions and processes as a flexible end-to-end service. Digia Financial Products and Services, responsible for the DiFS family of products and services, is certified in accordance with Digia’s ISO 27001 certification.

Managed Solutions: Service packages and outsourcing for maintenance, continuous development and security

Managed Solutions provides our customers with the cornerstones of intelligent digital business. Our service packages help customers to utilise data for business and process development, and guarantee the reliability of critical services. Packages includes cloud services, Finland’s leading integration and API solutions, robotics and artificial intelligence services, knowledge-based management services, information security, high-security software development and continuous services. Our domestic Service Center situational awareness service provides customer-specific monitoring and response when needed, around the clock, and is available for all of Digia's services.