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Digia Plc will publish its Half Year Financial Report 2018 on Friday, 10 August. Digia will organise a briefing for analysts at 11:00 am in Helsinki, Finland.

More information about the Digia's responsibility can be found in the annual report.

IR Contact

President and CEO
Timo Levoranta
+ 358 (0)40 500 2050

Communications Manager
Maarit Mikkonen
+358 40 562 2282

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You can order Digia Plc’s stock exchange releases to your email by sending your contact information to

Updating Shareholder Information

We kindly ask the shareholders to notify the bank, the brokerage firm or other book-entry register in which they have a book-entry securities account of any change of address. This information cannot be updated through Digia.

A change made in the address information of a bank account is not always automatically transferred to the book-entry securities account, so this should be specified in the request.

By keeping your address information in the book-entry securities account updated, you will receive all shareholder information without delay.

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