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Digia as an investment

Digia is a profitably growing software and service company whose offering covers all layers of digitalisation, from business systems to integrations, digital services, as well as 24/7 monitoring and service management. We combine the technological possibilities and human capabilities to build intelligent business, society and a sustainable future.

Why invest in Digia?

Strong financial position and stable ownership base

  Net sales 192.1 MEUR
  Net sales growth +12.5%
  Operating profit (EBITA) 16.7 MEUR
  Return on equity 13.5%

Digia has a strong financial performance. The year 2023 was the eighth consecutive year of profitable growth.


During the strategic period of 2023-2025, we aim for an annual net sales growth of over 10% and an EBITA operating margin of over 12% at the end of the strategic period.


Digia has a stable, strongly domestic ownership base. Our largest owners are Ingman Development Oy Ab, Etola Oy, Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen, and Mutual Employment Pension Insurance Company Varma.



Digia aims to distribute at least 30 per cent of the Group's annual result in dividends. In 2023 we paid a dividend of 0.17 EUR per share which was 45.9 per cent of the profit.


Versatile offering and business model that brings stability

Digia’s offering covers all layers of digitalisation, from business systems to integrations, digital services, as well as 24/7 monitoring and service management. We serve our customers through four specialized service areas and expand our customer base by leveraging Digia’s diverse offering and expertise.

Over 50% (2023: 56.0%) of our revenue comes from service and maintenance business, where contracts typically last several years, providing stable revenue. The significant share of service and maintenance business contributes stability to our operations and protects Digia from market fluctuations.

Business model


Long-term customer relationships and a broad clientele

Digia aims to be a trusted partner for its customers. We build long-term customer relationships and operate across various industries. In 2023, our customer satisfaction improved by 23% compared to the previous year.

We develop intelligent business together with our customers in different industries:

  • Food
  • Energy
  • Public sector
  • Banking, insurance, and asset management
  • Service business
  • Social welfare and healthcare
  • Industry
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Security
  • Unemployment funds and trade unions

Our customers

Diverse and continuously evolving expertise

Digia’s extensive service offering and customer relationships across various industries provide Digians with opportunities for diverse career development and work on varying, socially significant customer projects. Our staff is a key factor in our success, and our business is built through the well-being of professionals.

The cultural principles created together by Digians – learning, sharing, courage, and professional pride – guide our daily choices. In 2023, our staff satisfaction improved by 25% compared to the previous year.

Our culture

Capability for successful business acquisitions and the ability to grow acquired companies as part of Digia

As one of our strategic growt paths, we enrich our offering and expand into new markets and customer relationships through acquisitions. Since 2016, Digia has expanded through 14 acquisitions in Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. We have successfully integrated the acquired companies into our operations and grown their business

Acquisitions and divestments