Stock market communication

Digia will promptly provide accurate information on all relevant issues related to the Company's financial status, shareholdings and corporate governance. It complies with regulations and guidelines on regular and special disclosure requirements issued by the Helsinki Stock Exchange and the Financial Supervisory Authority.

The aim of Digia's communication policy is to provide investors with access to accurate and adequate information on the Company and its operations throughout. Digia will use stock exchange releases to inform of decisions and circumstances which have a material effect on the Company and its business, based on the assumption that such information may have an impact on the value of the Company share. In addition, Digia aims to inform actively of other business-related issues, although these are not assumed to have an effect on the value of the Company share. Such information will appear in releases as mentioned in the release naming policy of Helsinki stock exchange.

In addition to communications to stock exchange market, Digia publishes press releases from marketing point of view and the target group of such press releases are current and potential customers, partners and media. The purpose of these kinds of press releases is to describe Digia's business activities and product offering as whole and such news does not have direct effect on capital markets.