Future outlook


Digia primarily operates in the Finnish IT service and software market, and expects the IT service market to keep growing in the long term. Although we believe the market situation will remain somewhat uncertain in 2021, we expect to see recovery during the course of the year. Digitalisation using data will continue to be a strong trend even in exceptional circumstances.

The coronavirus has forced many organisations to review their operating methods and assess opportunities to utilise digital solutions. The crisis has also highlighted the opportunities opened up by digitalisation – we believe that the current crisis will accelerate the digitalisation trend in the years ahead.

Digia sees the following strengthening trends in the market both in the business and public sector:

  • digitalisation is becoming an increasingly important part of our customers’ core operations;
  • the world is becoming networked, and digital platforms enable new business models;
  • smart and responsible data utilisation in business processes creates a competitive advantage;
  • a good user experience is a critical success factor for services;
  • the role of cloud technologies as a platform for developing and operating services is becoming the norm;
  • a further rise in information security and protection requirements.

Digia´s corrected profit guidance for 2022

Digia has corrected its previously published guidance for the EBITA margin on 17 November 2022. The company maintains the estimate of net sales development, but estimates the EBITA margin to be 9–10 percent of net sales.