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Future outlook


Digia’s main market is Finland, and we also provide solutions internationally. In addition to Finland, Digia operates in Sweden and the Netherlands. One of the objectives set in the strategy for the 2023–2025 period, published on 10 February 2023, is to increase the share accounted for by international operations to over 15 per cent by the end of the strategy period.

In Digia’s view, the IT service market will continue to grow, even though risks related to short-term demand have increased in the operating environment, particularly due to the weaker macroeconomic outlook and high inflation, which is to some extent being reflected in customer behaviour.

The long-term trend in the demand for digital solutions is strong, and data utilisation harnessing smart technology both efficiently and securely is an increasingly essential success factor for all organisations. Our customers’ goal is to streamline their existing operations, and thereby enable investments in continuous digitalisation and, above all, artificial intelligence.

We believe that the following trends will become stronger:

  • Intelligence and automation
  • From isolated solutions to extensive entities
  • Security, continuity
  • Sustainable development

Digia's profit guidance for 2023

Digia’s net sales (MEUR 170.8 in 2022) and operating profit (EBITA) (MEUR 15.7 in 2022) will grow year-on-year.