Digia's key strengths

The key trends affecting Digia’s business and the entire IT service market are digitalisation, more business-driven IT investments, and the growing importance of cloud services. These megatrends have given rise to many developmental trends that support our success.

Last updated: 20.2.2019  

All layers of digitalisation

Digitalisation consists of a number of different layers that together form a functional system. We help our customers to construct their business systems so that they form a flexible yet stable platform on which to build a variety of services and indeed an entire digital business. Our strength lies in our ability to build functional systems of all kinds, from systems that steer core processes to integrations and customer interface services. We are familiar with all the layers of digitalisation, and our extensive offering covers them all.

The right size

As a company, our size enables us to be agile while still being sufficiently large to be a reliable partner. We are able to ensure 24/7 operation for our customers’ business critical systems, and also provide continual maintenance and support. Our professional and motivated personnel are the cornerstone of our business. Thanks to our comprehensive offering, our personnel have the opportunity to work in meaningful projects and share their expertise.



Innovations and technological continuity


We closely monitor new technologies and continually develop technological solutions, our products and our competence. We are innovators who provide our customers with the benefits afforded by new technologies in a professional and controlled manner. We are able to guarantee technological continuity and enable the provision of a first-class digital customer experience.

Building our digital society together

The whole is more than the sum of its parts – we are building our digital society together. We work in close cooperation with our partner network and a variety of stakeholders without compromising on the quality of our service-centric solutions. We have been widely appreciated for our ability to make things happen and assume responsibility in multi-vendor environments. We are able to provide the latest technological solutions in collaboration with a variety of partners.

Locally and globally

Our roots are in Finland and we engage in close cooperation with our customers. We provide our Finnish customers with a local Service Center. However, we can also offer international deliveries, and can provide numerous examples of successful system deliveries outside of Finland.


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